Driverless buses arrive to Netherlands

WEpod is the first driverless electric transport expected to travel on public roads in the Netherlands. It will start on November, connecting Wageningen and Ede (about 11 kilometres apart). We are talking about a little bus, with capacity of 6 people without driver. WEpod only goes 25 kilometres/hours. For now, they won’t run under bad weather conditions or in rush hour traffic. It will be a test and if it goes well, it is supossed to add more routes by 2016. Could this model be copied in other countries? Read more information here

Are you a smart home developer hobbyist?

Do you think smart home market has a good future? The number of smart connected homes could hit up to 700 million homes by 2020, rising from somewhere between 100 million and 200 million homes now, according to Gartner.  We’re surprised after reading the new IoT report series: The Smart Home Landscape 2015. It refers that 7 in 10 developers, significantly more than in other IoT verticals, are building solutions for their own benefit first, not for other people. So, 70% of smart home developers are hobbyists. Then, only 10% are doing it in a professional way. Are you a smart home developer hobbyist?

The new high-tech parking deck at Dolphin Mall

Ibex Tech is working on the Dolphin Mall’s expansion, that will be welcoming visitors on Sept. 15. It includes a new 1,300-space high-tech parking deck. “One of our biggest demands is parking”, said Peter Marrero, General Manager of the mall. The parking deck will feature technology that guides customers to the best available space. Shoppers will also have access to two kiosks that will help them locate their vehicles. Ibex Tech has 2 techs installing cameras, 3 techs adjusting the tray and 6 techs programming cameras. This new deck will be near the property’s entrance on the south side. Dolphin Mall is Miami-Dade County’s largest retail value shopping center, that […]

First Humanoid Home Robot: Welcome, Pepper!

For those who don’t know Pepper yet, we want to introduce you the first humanoid robot designed to live with humans. Pepper is specifically designed to be an emotional companion, thanks to a multi-modal algorithm, that allows it to detect an react to human emotions. He’s much more than a robot, he’s able to communicate with you through the most intuitive interface we know: voice, touch and emotions. What does it mean? As the creator says, “at the risk of disappointing you, Pepper doesn’t clean, cook neither have super powers… Pepper is a social robot able to converse with you, recognize and react to your emotions, move and live autonomously”. But […]

Is Apple bulding a self-driving electric car?

Apple has been rumoured to be working on a self-driving electric car. Details on the Apple Car and it’s features are still unknown. The Guardian reports that Apple is already trying to secure a super-secret Bay Area test facility for the electric car. As you know, Google is also working in an electric car. It seems they’re one step ahead, but actually we don’t know much more information about Apple’s project, as long as they declined to comment. iPod, iPad, iPhone, iWatch… Is it time for an “iCar”? Are we ready for that?

Lumina RF Gateway: new remote access system

Leviton has announced the availability of the new Lumina RF Gateway for commercial contractors. It’s a new affordable robust eco-system ideal for saving energy and providing remote access to small commercial operations. Perfect for retrofit and new construction scenarios, the wireless communication can span up to 100’ between connected devices. The suite of products includes new wireless sensors and a new 277V light switch, plus Leviton’s existing wireless thermostats, plug-in load control modules, touchscreens, and apps. We can install it for you. Give us a call to get more information about your needs. Key Features: Wireless energy management system ideal for retail, restaurants, small offices and other small commercial facilities. […]

The best technology for your workplace

Imagine you’re in a huddle room with other coworkers and you need to show them a spread sheet or presentation. You may need to connect devices fast and hassle-free. A good deal could depend on it. Technology makes it easy with new solutions and devices. From Ibex, we can help you and adapt your needs with the best technology for your workplace. Remember that you can just give us a call and we will manage everything. What can we do? We invite you to have a look at Crestron’s new update.

The Solar PV Industry Grows in 2014

We’ve just noticed the new results of Renewables 2015 Global Status Report, and we want to share with you some good news about it. In 2014, solar PV marked another record year for growth, with an estimated 40 GW installed for a total global capacity of about 177 GW. Solar PV is starting to play a substantial role in electricity generation in some countries as rapidly falling costs have made unsubsidised solar PV-generated electricity cost-competitive with fossil fuels in an increasing number of locations around the world. China, Japan, and the United States accounted for the vast majority of new capacity. The solar PV industry recovery that began in 2013 continued in 2014, […]

Are you ready for 4K?

4K is becoming one of the biggest tech terms of the year. Now that 4K product prices have dropped, people are more interested in what it is and how it’s different from full HD. So, what exactly is 4K, how is it going to change the way we watch TV? What is 4K? The term 4K refers to the amount of pixels in a display and comes in two resolutions: the cinema standard and Ultra HD. The cinema standard has a display resolution of 4096x2160p, while Ultra HD, made for bigger consumer displays, consists of 3840x2160p. Even though both of these resolutions are considered 4K, the cinema standard has slightly […]

You ain’t seen nothing yet

We want to show you how technology can amp up your entertainment life, even if you’re at home or away. Watch your favorite TV shows, select the volume of the music (most of all streaming music), unlock your doors, monitor your home access, pool, parking lot… Entertainment on the go. At ibex, we work with the best technology to make it possible. Let’s watch the video and do not hesitate to contact us for further information. If you want it in your life, we’ll make it possible!