Loudspeakers enable worshipping in the round

Sacred Heart Church The 750-capacity sanctuary is a modern structure, but also a very reverberant one, with high ceilings, marble, concrete, windows and an extended altar, with 270-degree seating around it. One Tannoy VX 15Q was chosen for the main seating area, with five IS 52s built into the stairs of each facet of the octagonal platform for front fill. Two VX 6s and a pair of DVS 4s provide a feed from the priest’s microphones for Sacred Heart’s choir. Lab.gruppen amplifiers were also specified exclusively for the project. Your Comment Cancel reply

Five Mistakes Leaders Unknowingly Make That Scare Employees

Corporate leaders who promote emotional engagement, collaboration and intelligent decision-making among employees see positive results. Most leaders know that command and control is dead and that fear doesn’t motivate employees. Quite the opposite is true. Only the worst “bully bosses” make it a practice to scream at an employee, or call him abusive names or threaten to fire him for minor mistakes. Yet according to Christine Comaford, even good leaders unintentionally strike fear in the hearts of their work force. “From time to time, we all say or do things that spark unconscious fears in our employees,” says Comaford, author of the new book SmartTribes: How Teams Become […]

ISEA Develops a Voluntary PPE Conformity Assessment Standard

At the 2013 International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) Executive Summit in Orange County, Calif., ISEA President Dan Shipp outlined a new, voluntary PPE conformity assessment standard currently in development. While OSHA regulates safety within workplaces, the agency does not regulate products or safety equipment, and the United States lacks a consistent system for PPE conformity assessment. That, coupled with manufacturers’ varying views on third-party certification and the influx of imported PPE that is untested and uncertified, makes for a complicated PPE landscape.  “The ISEA board of directors feel it’s time to act – to create a voluntary standard independent of any product standard,” Shipp told ISEA members during the April […]

Texas House Holds First Hearing on West Explosion

Texas Gov. Rick Perry touring the disaster zone in West, Texas on April 19. He met with local officials and state and local emergency responders about relief and recovery efforts underway. <![CDATA[ ]]> The first of what probably will be many state and federal hearings on the West Fertilizer Co. explosion is scheduled for May 1. The Texas House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety will hear invited testimony from state resources that may have jurisdiction or oversight in the regulation, operation, security, licensing, inspection, reporting, location and any other relevant information relating to the operation of facilities such as the fertilizer plant involved in […]

ILO to Send High-Level Mission to Bangladesh

A series of tragic fires and building collapses at garment factories in Bangladesh has caused the ILO to demand action to prevent further deaths. The International Labour Organization (ILO) will send a high-level mission to Bangladesh in the coming days to offer its support and expedite action by all parties following the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Savar, which left at least 380 people dead. The high-level mission will be led by Gilbert Houngbo, ILO deputy director-general for field operations. ILO Director-General Guy Ryder said he was writing to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, urging immediate action to prevent a recurrence of the latest in a series […]

Anders+Kern launches A+K Airgoo wireless digital signage

Anders and Kerns’ Airgoo No additional hardware or installation is required as the entire device is powered via a micro USB port. The device can be pluged into the HDMI socket of a display and can play virtually any type of picture or video format. A secure, cloud-based content management system is used to add, manage, organise and upload content. The displays are organised in groups, so users can link multimedia content. This content is scheduled by Playlists so users can assign schedules to each Group. The scheduler of the CMS allows users to schedule different content playlists at different times of the day and for each day of the […]

Australian hotel installs integrated digital media kit

Gibraltar Hotel in New South Wales The existing system was averaging between 8-15 complaints per day from paying guests. This resulted in staff being distracted from customer care duties to resolve problems with technology that they did not fully understand. Tripleplay and its partner Computers Now specified a system, which was installed in one day to suit the hotel’s requirements. It now includes fully integrated IPTV, Video on Demand and digital signage through a single server. Aside from the tv system, TripleSign digital signage was implemented in strategic communal areas, function rooms, bars and restaurants. Your Comment Cancel reply

Extensive show control helps makes a splash at Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls It is a 145ft high underground waterfall within Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, so the equipment had to be rugged to survive conditions half a mile underground. Alcorn McBride equipment is used at the venue for control, lighting, 4D theatre, 3D mapping and multimedia shows. Full Spectrum designed the venue’s sound and light show, wrote the scripts, oversaw recording sessions, created audio tracks and designed the surround sound. The company also installed the audio stations. Your Comment Cancel reply

A Right Honourable rave-up at Parliament

Fatboy Slim at the Houses Of Parliament Funktion-One has made history by becoming the first loudspeaker manufacturer to supply sound for a house music event at the Houses of Parliament. The event, part of a ‘House the House’ competition was organised by the charity Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, and including a set by famous DJ, Fatboy Slim. Headlining the bill was ‘House the House’ winner Bryce Fury who won the final at Ministry of Sound in February. As the competition’s winner, he won a fully paid audio production degree scholarship at SAE Institute worth £20,000, a set of  ‘We Love Space’ in Ibiza and a haul of […]

Getting in Bed with Risk Management

Ask someone what caused the Titanic to sink, and chances are he or she will simply say “an iceberg.” But as Gordon Graham stressed during the ISEA Executive Summit in Orange County, Calif., the real cause was much more complex. “Rarely does a single event cause a tragedy. It’s a cascade of events … there were problems lying in wait,” he said. “That ship was doomed long before it was built, designed or hit the iceberg.” Graham, a risk manager with more than 3 decades of experience in California law enforcement, spoke to ISEA members on April 29 about identifying, addressing and preventing those problems that lie in wait. “In […]