Sennheiser changes European distribution channels

Using the slogan Compass 2013 – the right product at the right place, only authorised Sennheiser partners and distributors will be able to distribute its products. “This way we can ensure that distribution standards are the same all over Europe and that customers everywhere receive the quality of service that they expect from Sennheiser,” said Gerhard Tammen, vice-president, sales, EMEA. Authorised partners receive a seal of quality, which they can use in advertising to differentiate themselves from the competition. They also receive marketing support with access to Sennheiser’s image database and advertising material. Your Comment Cancel reply

The Vatican museum invests in AV technology

The museum in the main lobby has two large plasmas, the 103in and 152in models. The first-floor bookshop uses a 65in display and the front of both ticket offices have four 50in plasmas on which ticket prices and options are displayed. The CCTV control room hosts 32, 42in displays which have been fitted to create a plasma wall so the security team can monitor each aspect of the museums. This room is also the control centre for the screens located throughout the museums which are connected by LAN/WAN and Panasonic NM Stage signage software from a single computer. Your Comment Cancel reply

Cisco plans a mobile future

Paul Milligan, May 3, 2013 Be the first to comment on this article Cisco has strengthened its mobile technology portfolio with the announcement it is to buy Swindon-based Ubiquisys, for $310m (£201m). Ubiquisys’ small-cell technology uses local hubs to boost call quality and data connection. Small cells deliver their signal over a shorter range which allows mobile users to get a faster, more consistent voice and data experience. Cisco’s push into mobile networking also included the acquisition of Israel’s Intucell for $475m (£309m) in January. Your Comment Cancel reply

Increased Near-Miss Reporting Results in Improved Safety Performance

How do you measure what did not occur? A near-miss incident on job sites traditionally is defined as one that leaves no injuries, no property or equipment damages and little or no evidence that it even occurred. As a result, companies often ignore near-miss incidents. However, companies that experience world-class safety performance know that when reported and acted upon, near misses enable early intervention, and are great opportunities to improve organizational safety performance. “Near Miss Reporting – a Missing Link in Safety Culture,” a peer-reviewed feature in the May issue of Professional Safety, examines several studies that have shown that near misses greatly outnumber serious accidents involving fatality, injury or […]

When It Comes to Being Healthy at Work, You Gotta Believe

Is health and wellness within your reach? You better believe it. According to a survey from The Ohio State University, respondents who believed in their ability to engage in a healthy lifestyle participated in more healthy behaviors. The results could have implications for workplace health and wellness programs. “Implementing programs that can strengthen faculty and staff’s beliefs about engaging in wellness and improve their ability to engage in healthy behaviors will impact what they actually do in terms of leading a healthy lifestyle,” explained Bernadette Melnyk, Ohio State’s chief wellness officer and dean of the College of Nursing, who led the study. Results from this survey, as well as an […]

Safety Has No Competition

Earlier this week, I attended the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) Executive Summit in Orange County, Calif. In addition to enjoying the beautiful resort, listening to some excellent speakers, and even spotting some dolphins and gray whales on a whale-watching trip, one of the highlights of the event was watching competitors agree on what’s most important: safety. ISEA is an association for global leaders in the design, manufacture, testing and application of protective clothing and equipment. The executives who attended this week’s summit represent the companies that provide PPE to protect workers in hazardous work environments. And yes, many of the attendees were competitors – but that didn’t stop them […]

11×3 Mitsubishi videowall keeps Russia in power

Lenenergo control centre Mitsubishi VS-60XE70U 60in LED video cubes were installed by system integrator Viking in Lenenergo’s central control room and in its Kingisepp regional control centre. The Network Control Centre display consists of 33 (11х 3) cubes, with a total screen size of 13.4 x 2.74m. Viking equipped the control room with a display wall consisting of Mitsubishi 60in projection cubes in a 5х3 configuration, measuring 6.1х2.74m. Your Comment Cancel reply

InfoComm uses its influence to outfit American Architects HQ

American Institute of Architects HQ The project was the result of a collaboration between InfoComm and the AIA in which InfoComm members donated products and services. K2 Audio was chosen to perform the pro-bono design, with manufacturers including Biamp, Chief, Cisco, Da-Lite, Extron, Listen Technologies, Middle Atlantic Products and projectiondesign involved in donating products. The upgrade included an overhaul of the boardroom’s legacy conferencing system, which previously was not tied into its PA system. Audio has now been routed to ceiling speakers throughout the space, which also now includes a new video conferencing system. Your Comment Cancel reply

Speakers helps to bring DJs to life in live broadcasts

QSCBe AtTV The company has studios in Amsterdam and London and is building a third in Berlin. All three studios are using QSC KW Series loudspeakers for live music playback. The community also brings DJs into its studios for exclusive performances, choosing KW122 active, full-range loudspeakers with KW181 active sub-woofers for its live in-studio playback. There are now six pairs of these speakers in use across the three studios, with two pairs used in each location and the Berlin pairs ready to be used when the studio comes on stream. Speakers were supplied by Shure Distribution, QSC’s UK distributor. Your Comment Cancel reply

Sydney Harbour enjoys Carmen in 3D audio

The stage measures 32 x 24 metres and resembles a bullfighting ring which appears to float on Sydney Harbour. Iosono’s spatial audio processor and 20 line array loudspeakers rendered the orchestra and singers. Speakers for the 3,500 capacity concert were placed on the floor in front of the quay wall, so they wouldn’t impair the stage design. Your Comment Cancel reply