Share Your Safety Story During NAOSH Week

With a theme of “Worker Safety Works for Everyone,” the 2013 North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week strives to raise awareness about occupational safety and health and encourages EHS professionals to share their safety stories. NAOSH Week is held annually during the first full week of May to raise awareness about the importance of safety at work, home and in the community. The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) partners with the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE), OSHA and other organizations and thousands of businesses to promote the event’s mission of encouraging EHS professionals to raise awareness of occupational safety and health. Concerned about the 4,609 work-related […]

AVM installs AV to reshape teaching methods at Havant Academy

Havant Academy Literacy Master Class The largest of the three Master Classes is built within the old school gymnasium. This space is designed to enable up to 90 students to participate in learning activity in various configurations, either as one large group or smaller individual groups. The space is based around five full HD projectors positioned around the top of the room. They project across each other onto a stretched fabric ‘tent’ to provide full 360-degree projection. The system includes a modern surround sound system, as well as a Blu-ray player and iPod docking station. It is fully controlled and managed by a Crestron Digital Media System, a modular switching […]

BrightSign players chosen for Samsung concessions in Curry’s retail outlets

BrightSign players power videowalls at Samsung concessions in Curry’s outlets Each of the UK concessions features a 2×2 video wall of 46in Samsung professional LCD screens promoting tablets, TVs, phones, white goods and other Samsung products displayed in the concession. The screens are driven by BrightSign HD220 networked players, ideal for playing looped digital content in a variety of multimedia formats. Freehand uses BrightAuthor software to schedule and manage content and the BrightSign Network to deliver updates and receive playback reports. Content for the screens is created by Samsung creative and media agencies worldwide in a variety of moving and static image file formats. It is collected and consolidated by […]

Australian University installs 14-metre interactive wall

Queensland University of Technology’s digital interactive learning exhibition space, ‘The Cube’ The Cube is the heart of QUT’s new A$230m (£157m) Science and Engineering Centre. The exhibition includes 48x55in MultiTaction Cell displays, forming the 1,400 cubic metre Cube. The Cube comprises six educational zones, including the two-storey, 14-metre-long Virtual Reef where 20 Cells combine with an edge-blended Panasonic projection system, and the Physics Zone. Built by Pro AV Solutions Queensland (an Australian member of the Global Presence Alliance), The Cube structure is made up of six zones (five of which feature MultiTaction displays), running a number of interactive applications, including the Virtual Reef. The zones feature a number of interactive […]

Fibre network beams live coverage of the X Games in the Alps

X Games 2013 The event was co-produced by Canal+ Events and GB4D provided virtually all the audio equipment for the competition zones, to assist A+ Events. This included the control tower audio boards and FOH equipment, the fibre network, PA, cabling and event video distribution. Audio transmission was based around two Optocore loops – one ring for the Super Pipe competition area, another for the VIP area, and a second for the Slope Style competition area. The entire Optocore system was controlled from a desktop PC.  L’Acoustics LA8 and Lab Gruppen PLM10000Q amplifiers fed the main PA hangs and Super Pipe’s deck fills were remote controlled via Optocore’s LAN. Your […]

Take the Time to Thank an EHS Professional Today

  Every year, on the Wednesday during the North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week in May, the safety community celebrates EHS professionals through Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day. Hard-working EHS professionals enter the work force daily to ensure workers are safe, healthy and protected from possible injury or harm that could arise on the job. Such professionals, according to the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), “work behind the scenes identifying and eliminating potential hazards in workplaces around the world, and their efforts are often achieved with little or no fanfare.” Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day is a time to shower EHS professionals with some of […]

Dropped Call: Cell Phone Distractions Underreported in Car Crashes

NSC’s report illustrates why we can’t see the full picture surrounding crashes caused by cell phone distractions. A review of fatal car crashes that involved driver cell phone use suggests that cell phone use may be underreported or inconsistently reported, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). NSC President and CEO Janet Froetscher said the number of crashes involving cell phone use and distraction likely is “much greater” than current reporting indicates due to a variety of complicating factors. The report, “Crashes Involving Cell Phones: Challenges of Collecting and Reporting Reliable Crash Data,” analyzed national statistics on 180 fatal car crashes that took place from 2009 to 2011 […]

Amusement Park Safety Shouldn’t Be a Roller Coaster Ride

A new study reveals that between 1990 and 2010, 92,885 children under the age of 18 were treated in emergency departments for amusement ride-related injuries in the United States. Most injuries occurred between May and September, averaging about 20 injuries per day during those summer months. The study, conducted by researchers in the Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, examined injuries to children related to rides at amusement parks (fixed-site rides), rides at fairs and festivals (mobile rides) and rides found at local malls, stores, restaurants or arcades (mall rides). Key findings include: The head and neck region was the most frequently […]

Optoma launches 7000 lumens ProScene projector

Optoma EH7700 projector The EH7700 dual-lamp WUXGA projector is the brightest in the ProScene range at 7000 lumens, and can be installed at any angle over a full 360° range of the vertical axis, including reproduction on ceilings and floors. The dust-sealed, filter free design prevents dust and dirt from affecting the system, and it includes motorised lens shift, focus and zoom. The colour wheels are interchangeable modules and can be fitted or exchanged on site without removing the projector cover. The EH7700, like the EH7500, has five spherical lens options that use Low Dispersion (LD) glass for sharpness and focus uniformity over the entire image. The EH7700 includes a […]

Sochi winter sports event uses remote control HD cameras

Camera Corps Q-Ball in action at Sochi Camera Corps technicians installed the cameras and control equipment ahead of the event for operation by a Moscow-based broadcast production company. Rigged in pairs and cut into the programme in quick succession to give a realistic idea of the speed travelled, each camera was mounted in a fixed frame so virtual graphics of other faster bobsleighs could be laid over the top of replays to show which competitors were taking the best line. Camera Corps also rigged a Replay XD miniature camcorder on to the competitors and their sleds. This recorded in HD on to an internal micro SD card. Your Comment Cancel […]