AIHce 2013: Michaels: OSHA Is Committed to VPP

During a May 21 general session at the American Industrial Hygiene conference and expo in Montreal, Assistant Secretary of Labor Dr. David Michaels was asked for his views on OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). Michaels said he is committed to VPP but admitted there have been some issues with the program. The session, which was moderated by former OSHA Administrator John Henshaw, was interesting because Henshaw, while at OSHA, was a huge supporter of the program and encouraged its growth. “VPP grew very rapidly,” said Michaels, “we think a little too fast.” A 2009 report by the Government Accountability Office revealed problems with OSHA’s administration of the program, which recognizes […]

AIHce 2013: OSHA’s Michaels Discusses Sequester, Standards and More

An artist interpreted many of the sessions at AIHce 2013. This particular drawing is from a session featuring a Q&A with OSHA’s Dr. David Michaels. In a wide-ranging, informal discussion at a May 21 general session at AIHce 2103, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Dr. David Michaels shared his views on budget constraints, the regulatory process and public policy issues in workplace safety and health with  former OSHA Administrator John Henshaw, CIH. Henshaw is vice president of the Academy of Industrial Hygiene. In response to questions about the sequester, which are steep, congressionally mandated budget cuts, Michaels said, “It’s a huge loss for us. We made […]

AIHce 2013: Investigating Surface Spills in the Fracking Industry

The process of extracting gas through hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” has raised questions of potential health and safety implications, including the possibility of groundwater contamination. At the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo (AIHce) in Montreal, Heather Avens, Ph.D., a health scientist with ChemRisk LLC, shared what she and her colleagues uncovered about surface spills in hydraulic fracturing. “Hydraulic fracturing is technology that relies on high-pressure injection of water mixed with a combination of chemicals and sand formulated to physically fracture subsurface reservoirs for the purpose of extracting oil and gas,” Avens explained. Hydraulic fracturing may takes place anywhere from several hundred feet to several miles below the surface. The […]

Genelec has A Ticket to Ride on board the European Lennon Bus

John Lennon Educational Tour Bus Foundation Following success in the USA, the Lennon Bus concept has now been rolled out to Europe where it will provide children and students across the continent with digital media production experience. Built on a Mercedes-Benz 12-metre-long chassis, the bus also features a roof top terrace and ‘pop outs’ that offer expansion into exterior space when stationary. Like the North American Lennon Bus, the European counterpart has two digital recording studios plus an acoustic isolation room. Genelec joins other sponsors including Apple, Sony, Avid and Roland in providing recording and AV equipment for the bus. Each of the two studios on the bus has a […]

AMX expands business development team with the addition of Jeff Gorton

Paul Milligan, May 22, 2013 Be the first to comment on this article AMX has appointed Jeff Gorton as UK business development manager for the corporate sector. He is responsible for growing awareness of the company’s control and automation products amongst consultants, specifiers and end-users. Jeff Gorton AMX Gorton joins the AMX team with over 15 years experience within the industry, gained most recently at Impact Europe Group, where he was solely responsible for growing the company’s corporate tender business through new project sales and development. Your Comment Cancel reply

AIHce 2013: Public Records Bring Safety Concerns to the Surface

An artistic rendering of Cook’s presentation. At a time when many newspapers are eliminating labor and environmental beats to cut costs, public access to stories involving workplace safety issues may be at risk. During his May 21 Upton Sinclair Memorial Lecture at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo (AIHce) in Montreal, Tony Cook, a reporter for the Indianapolis Star, discussed the impact public records and journalism can have on workplace safety. In the summer of 2012, Cook began investigating the Sensient Flavors plant in Indianapolis based on a court ruling surrounding the company’s attempt to appeal Indiana OSHA’s (IOSHA) anticipatory search warrant. Sensient, Cook said, was a […]

Crestron adds 60m of wireless control in the latest addition to touchpanel range

Crestron TST-600 touchpanel Featuring a 5.7in capacitive touch screen, extended-range dual-mode RF/WiFi wireless capability, Smart Graphics, Rava SIP Intercom, lithium ion battery, H.264 streaming video and optional backlit pushbuttons, TST-600 can control entertainment, lighting, climate, blinds, AV presentations and more throughout any space up to 60 metres. TST-600 is fully compatible with older TPS docking stations, wireless gateways and other accessories. TST-600 ensures a dependable wireless connection by using Dual-Mode wireless capabilities, a combination of Crestron Extended Range 2.4 GHz RF (ER) and Wi-Fi wireless technologies. ER wireless communications enable control with true feedback using buttons, sliders, knobs, gauges and dynamic text. While TST-600 can be used with ER alone, […]

120m high projection at the Vendée Globe awards ceremony

The hour-and-a-half ceremony included lights, music, video and fireworks. AMP Visual TV, Vendée Globe’s AV provider, was executive producer of the event and GL Events provided the video processing and projection to screens. GL Events relied on Kshow for the media processing for the entire ceremony. They used six synchronised Kshow Pro appliances (with timecode, framelock and genlock) and 11 projectors (some using dual projector stacking) to display digital content on three large projection screens, one of them of 120 x 16 meters. Kshow sent additional media to two LED screens on the stage. Your Comment Cancel reply

AIHce 2013: Measuring Safety Performance with Leading Indicators

John Leyland, president of Safety Performance Services, opened his session at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo (AIHce) in Montreal with a true story of a workplace tragedy that took place decades ago: On a morning like any other, a husband and father went to his job at an electrical utility. But on this day, he made contact with a high-voltage line and landed in the hospital. Two days later, he died, leaving his wife a widow and his 5-year-old son fatherless. “No mother or father or brother or sister should have to do go through that experience,” Leyland said. “That’s why what we [EHS leaders] do what we […]

Following Investigation of Worker Fall and Death, OSHA Cites Phoenix Industrial Cleaning

OSHA has cited Phoenix Industrial Cleaning for 28 alleged serious safety violations following the death of Bernardo Martinez, who died when he fell from a ladder inside of a storage tank at Sunnyside Corp. in Wheeling, Ill. OSHA has cited Phoenix Industrial Cleaning for 28 alleged serious safety violations following the death of Bernardo Martinez, 37, who fell from a ladder inside of a storage tank at Sunnyside Corp. in Wheeling, Ill. – a manufacturer of paint removers, paint thinners and wood care products – on Nov. 29, 2012. OSHA has proposed fines of $77,200. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office ruled in November 2012 that Martinez fell […]