Bluman provides live video backdrop for Whitesnake arena tour

Whitesnake 2013 tour Bluman Associates provided the technical production for the video for the whole tour and designed all the content in-house, following the creation of the company’s design department earlier in 2013. A 40 x 20ft backdrop was the canvas for the projection. This also hid the videowall set up that co-headliner and fellow rock legends Journey were using for their set, making the quick turn-around between acts possible through a simple reveal. Bluman Associates used three Barco 40K projectors to create the backdrop, operated by projectionist Andy Joyes, whose previous accolades have included head of projection for the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. Your Comment Cancel […]

Russian business centre builds trading centre with 36-panel videowall

Luch business centre The new facility consists of two halls where it monitors and controls its worldwide activities. The screen displays images, text information, industrial control system SCADA and off-air TV. The 9 x 3m display in the larger hall is the main working area, consisting of 36 x Mitsubishi VS-PE75U LED display wall cubes, each delivering 1400 x 1050 pixel resolution. The entire system is controlled via a Crestron PRO2 controller operated by touchpads. The smaller hall is used mainly as a training centre. Avilex installed a 7 x 2m LCD display consisting of 18 x Mitsubishi Electric 55in LCD displaywall panels. Your Comment Cancel reply

Robe light up the circus in Sweden

Paul Milligan, June 4, 2013 Be the first to comment on this article Sweden’s contemporary circus company Cirkus Cirkör is using Robe MMX Spots and LEDWash moving lights for its current tour, called Knitting Peace. Cirkus Cirkör mixes elements from street theatre, theatre, dance and film into its shows. Robe for Cirkus Cirkor ‘Knitting Peace’ Lighting for Knitting Peace includes five of Robe’s new MMX Spots and 16 LEDWash 600s, specified for this show by Cirkus Cirkör’s technical producer, Stefan Karlström. The Robes are currently the only lights on the show. They are rigged on to the custom trussing structure – which is also used by […]

Outdated Govt regulations on ICT leasing contracts are costing schools £100m

Paul Milligan, June 3, 2013 Be the first to comment on this article Schools in England are wasting millions of pounds each year on expensive ICT leasing contracts because of outdated Government leasing regulations, according to the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) which is calling for the introduction of new leasing guidance in time for the introduction of the new National Curriculum in September 2014. It believes that current guidelines are preventing headteachers from signing up for best value-for-money finance leases, and forcing them to opt for more expensive operating leases. Your Comment Cancel reply

Christie projectors support BBC’s paintings project in 30 sites across UK on same day

Projection at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall The job, by Keyteq, used 15,000 lumens Christie LX1500 projectors at every site. The exception was at Norwich Castle where the company used two stacked Christie Roadster S+20Ks (20,000 lumens) to deliver a 25-metre image on to the castle walls over a 70-metre throw distance. The other venues ranged from Hull’s Maritime Museum to London’s National Gallery. The brief for each event was that it needed to look like a guerilla projection, so it wasn’t to be pixel-mapped or look overly polished. Logistically, the exercise for the BBC was conceived as a series of single-crew projections depicting 10-12 paintings on to the surfaces during […]

OSHA Cites Lumadue Excavating for Allegedly Exposing Workers to Trenching Hazards

OSHA cited Lumadue Excavating LLC for 12 alleged safety violations involving trenching hazards and placed the company in the Severe Violator Enforcement Program. OSHA initiated two inspections under a special emphasis program on trenching and excavation when inspectors found unprotected trenches at two different work sites. One of the trenches was 7 feet deep and the other more than 5 feet deep, according to the agency. Proposed penalties total $178,860. “This company continues to take unnecessary safety risks by not utilizing the safeguards needed to protect workers from trenching hazards,” said Mark Stelmack, director of OSHA’s Wilkes-Barre office. Detailed information on safeguards for excavation and trenching can be found on […]

Report Urges California To Step Up Fracking Regulations

Without careful monitoring and controls, the process of extracting gas through hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” could result in irreversible surface and groundwater contamination, according to a new report focusing on California’s fracking industry. The researchers call for stronger regulations and controls in order to better protect the environment and public health. Fracking is a technique that injects highly pressurized chemical fluids into underground rock to create cracks that release tightly bound oil or gas. It’s become a financial boon to fossil fuel companies nationwide, but it comes with inherent dangers, said researchers from UC Berkeley School of Law’s Center for Law, Energy and the Environment (CLEE) and its new initiative, […]

Social Media Strategies in Times of Tragedy

If you’re using social media for marketing, what should you say following a tragedy like the deadly blasts at the Boston Marathon on April 15, the horrific elementary school shootings in Newtown, Conn., or the recent tornado in Oklahoma? Sometimes, nothing at all. The age of digital marketing brings with it new challenges, including how to respond during a national tragedy. Remember, as recently as Sept. 11, 2001, we had no MySpace, much less Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Except for email, no vehicle for delivering instantaneous marketing messages existed. After 9/11, one of the most painful days in American memory, most of us had time to pause, reflect and put […]

Mind-Body Intervention Helps Regulate Stress Hormone Levels in Nurses

Yoga, stretching and deep breathing exercises have been found to reduce the symptoms of PTSD. Practicing a form of meditation and stretching can help relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and normalize stress hormone levels for nurses, according to a recent study accepted for publication in the July issue of the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM). This is good news for the more than 7 million adults nationwide who are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in a typical year. The mental health condition, triggered by a traumatic event, can cause flashbacks, anxiety and other symptoms. A randomized, controlled, clinical trial studied the impact […]

Obama Administration Releases Final Rules on Employment-Based Wellness Programs

The final rules on employment-based wellness programs issued May 29 by the Obama administration support workplace health promotion and prevention as a means to reduce the burden of chronic illness, improve health and limit growth of health care costs. The rules also aim to protect individuals from unfair underwriting practices that could otherwise reduce benefits based on health status. “Wellness programs have become an increasingly popular component of job-based health coverage,” said Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, adding that the final rules “provide a number of essential consumer protections that will limit employers’ ability to use wellness incentives as a subterfuge for discriminating against people with certain health […]