Heat Lingers for Farm Workers Even After Quitting Time

While it might not come as a surprise that farm workers are exposed to hot working conditions while on the job, new research suggests that many of these employees continue to face the heat even when their shifts are over. Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center researchers conducted a study to evaluate the heat indexes in migrant farm worker housing and found that a majority of the workers don’t get a break from the heat when they’re off the clock. This research raises concerns about productivity and worker health. “We found that a majority of the workers are not getting much respite from the heat in the evening,” said lead author […]

Be Prepared, Be Safe: June 16-22 is Emergency Preparedness Week

As part of National Safety Month this June, the National Safety Council (NSC) is promoting Emergency Preparedness Week June 16-22 to help citizens plan for emergencies of all types. NSC recommends that every family should not only have a plan in case of an emergency, but should practice that plan at least twice a year. Plans should take the physical capabilities of family members in mind, including children and older adults. Start by creating an emergency preparedness kit, which should include: Water (one gallon per person, per day for at least three days) Enough nonperishable food (for at least three days) and can opener Battery-powered radio Flashlight with extra batteries […]

Explosion Rocks Louisiana Chemical Plant, One Fatality Reported, Many Injured

Initial reports indicate that one employee has died and 33 others are injured following an explosion at a chemical plant in Louisiana. As many as 600 workers were at the Williams Geismar Olefins chemical facility in Geismar, La., this morning when an explosion occurred just after 8:30 a.m., rocking the area and starting a large fire. Initial reports list one fatality and 33 injured employees, some of them seriously. Employees at companies as far as 2 miles away were told to shelter in place. At the onset of the incident, Louisiana State Police and the Ascension Parish and Iberville Parish offices of emergency planning (OEP) were notified. Both […]

Homicide Rates for Taxi Drivers Drop When Security Cameras Are Installed

A new NIOSH study found a dramatic decrease in assaults on taxi cab drivers when cameras were placed in the vehicles. Taxi cab drivers face a high risk of being the victim of workplace homicide. While many cities and companies have made efforts to improve taxicab driver safety through the use of security equipment, such as in-vehicle cameras and partitions, the research into the effectiveness of these efforts has been limited. A new study from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) examines the effectiveness of specific safety equipment in reducing murder rates among taxi drivers. Published by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the study […]

Environmental Lab Operator Found Guilty of Falsifying Records on Industrial Wastewater

White created three discharge monitoring reports that falsely represented that laboratory testing had been performed on samples when the testing had not been done. Tennie White, owner, operator and manager of Mississippi Environmental Analytical Laboratories Inc., was charged in a three-count felony indictment with two false statements counts and one count of obstructing proceedings. The jury found White guilty of all counts after an eight day trial before U.S. District Judge Henry T. Wingate at the federal courthouse in Jackson, Miss. “Our environmental regulatory system depends on the self-reporting of accurate information, including what is being released into the environment,” said Gregory K. Davis, U.S. attorney for the Southern […]

Wal-Mart Pleads Guilty to Federal Environmental Crimes, Will Pay More Than $81 Million

Hazardous wastes either were discarded improperly at the store level – including being put into municipal trash bins or, if a liquid, poured into the local sewer system – or they improperly were transported without proper safety documentation to one of six product return centers Wal-Mart has located throughout the United States. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has pled guilty in cases filed by federal prosecutors in Los Angeles and San Francisco to six counts of violating the Clean Water Act by illegally handling and disposing of hazardous materials at its retail stores across the United States. The Bentonville, Ark.-based company also pleaded guilty in Kansas City, Mo., to violating […]

TV One’s Coriomaster Mini powers video windmill at InfoComm 2013

Paul Milligan, June 13, 2013 Be the first to comment on this article TV One has been at InfoComm 2013 to show a display of real-time video manipulation with the new Coriomaster product. The display, dubbed a ‘Real-Time Video Windmill,’ features a rotating array of four 50in flat-panel displays showing video that maintains a stable horizon even as the displays rotate 360deg in real-time. TV-One Windmill Video sources will include live showroom floor video as well as streaming media.To showcase its full potential, the Coriomaster mini will alternate between displaying a stable horizon while displays rotate, rotating video in sync with the displays, or counter-rotating video […]

Clear-Com presents upgrades to its Tempest digital wireless intercoms at InfoComm 2013

Clear-Com Tempest2400 family The Tempest line of wireless intercoms comprises the 2.4 GHz Tempest2400 and 900 MHz Tempest900 wireless systems in either a two- or four-channel option. Both Tempest systems deliver RF technologies to ensure interference-free communications for all types of venues. The Tempest2400 offers a Seamless Roaming feature, which provides sound engineers with continuous wireless coverage across expanded production spaces, such as such as college campuses and sports arenas. With the Seamless Roaming feature, BeltStation users can migrate between as many as 16 different Tempest BaseStations (coverage areas or zones) without having to change the settings on their BeltStations. As part of a continuing effort to expand the Tempest […]

Gefen debuts host of new kit at InfoComm 2013

Gefen Toolbox 4×1 switcher The 1:4 HD Video Wall Controller for HDMI is suitable for creating a 2×2 videowall consisting of four displays with bezel adjusting control. It has the ability to show the same video on one large display or on all four displays. Video is scaled for optimal output supporting resolutions up to 1080p full HD. The 4×1 Multiview Switcher for HDMI is a seamless switcher that connects four sources to one display. It has dual functionality in that it can switch between all four sources and output the selected source to a single display, or it can output all four sources as individual windows on a single […]

Think You Know All About Distracted Driving? Think Again!

Cognitive distraction expert Dr. David Strayer and his research team at the University of Utah measured brainwaves, eye movement and other metrics to assess what happens to drivers’ mental workload when they attempt to do multiple things at once. Hands-free technologies, once thought to be a safer alternative for drivers than hand-held cell phones, actually are more distracting for drivers, according to a new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. While such devices might make it easier for motorists to text, talk on the phone or even use Facebook while they drive, do we really want employees – or anyone – doing these things while driving? […]