A bike washing machine could be the best invention of recent years, right? The project is not far away and it is as simple as you read: the bike washing machine washes your clothes while you pedal. It is cheaper than going to the gym for a spinning hour and now you can say you really wash your own clothes. And what is more: it is healthy, eco-friendly and helps you lose weight.

The project is an idea of Chinese designers of Dalian Nationalities University: Xuefei Liu, Di Fang, Linhao Su, Zhanbing Li, Xiaoyu Gao Xueyi Wang, Wen Fan, Liying Zhu, Deqian Zhao, Huan Li, Mengmeng Hu and Weiwei Li.

bike washing machine

How does the bike washing machine works?

When ridden, the pedalling motion causes the drum to rotate, churning your clothes inside like a traditional washer. The generator inside the machine also creates electricity which can be stored for future uses or used to power the display screen.

Now there’s no excuse: there is time enough to make your laundry and also be on fit, with the benefit of saving some money. The stationary bike is not that big, so it is not a problem to have one of it on your home.

Who would be interested in this bike washing machine?