Arthur Holm Touch D3 monitor

Built entirely in mechanised and anodized aluminium and finished with a black edged front glass, Dynamic 3 rotates 180 degrees and folds down to a flushed table desk position.

It features multiple inputs including HDCP compliance, it can flip the image automatically according to the screen position and provides a security system to stop the mechanism in case of obstruction detection.

Dynamic 3 screen’s lifting system automatically activates the elevation of an aluminium tray where keyboard can be optionally placed. An industrial PC board can also be integrated, converting the system into a complete work station.

All products can be personalised according to customer requirements, by adding built-in camera, speakers, fixed or motorised microphones, voting systems, USB connectors and biometric readers among others. A range of different colours and materials is also available.

The system is totally controllable through Arthur Holm AH net software that has been upgraded for a simultaneous control of 900 monitors and to be able to manage both Dynamic 2 and Dynamic 3 in a same installation.

The AH Net Software adds feedback from each device, allowing onsite or remotely located staff to get information about the status of up to 900 screens. This feature allows an optimal preparation of meetings and conferences making sure that all equipment is prepared in advance.

The AH Net control system is operated through RS-422 or RS-485; the ERT interface connects the monitors directly to a PC or can be used via a local network, a tablet or iPad, or by any standard control system.

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