Anders and Kerns’ Airgoo

No additional hardware or installation is required as the entire device is powered via a micro USB port.

The device can be pluged into the HDMI socket of a display and can play virtually any type of picture or video format.

A secure, cloud-based content management system is used to add, manage, organise and upload content. The displays are organised in groups, so users can link multimedia content. This content is scheduled by Playlists so users can assign schedules to each Group.

The scheduler of the CMS allows users to schedule different content playlists at different times of the day and for each day of the week.

Programming the daily scheduler is achieved through the group interface where users can define the start and end times of a playlist by means of a sliding scale.

The ability to manage the signage content locally makes A+K Airgoo suitable for multi-site locations, for instance franchises, where owners have specific needs that must be met. The centralised system can be integrated into the existing infrastructure of the business to offer a lower TCO than other digital signage systems.

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