The PDXL-2 helps in long distance AV delivery in three ways; firstly, as a DXLink power injector it enables data and power transport of up to 30 watts on each of the PDXL-2’s two available DXLink device outputs between transmitters and receivers located up to 100 metres away from each other.

Additionally, by injecting Power over DXLink via the existing DXLink path, a stand-alone point-to-point DXLink Transmitter to Receiver installation can be created for single room applications.

It also eliminates the inconvenience and cost of installing electrical outlets at every transmitter or receiver location.

While the PDXL-2 was primarily designed to make remote AV distribution simpler to manage, it can also curbe energy usage throughout a floor, building or campus. Acting as a conduit for a NetLinx controller, the PDXL-2 enables administrators to remotely power down unused devices via I/O control from a single, central location.

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