Enova DGX 8 Digital Media Switcher Enclosure

Providing up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs (8×8), the DGX 8 Digital Media Switcher Enclosure (AVS-ENOVADGX8-ENC) boasts all of the functionality and capability of the Enova DGX family.

The latest addition to this product line, the DGX 8, with its compact form factor, is ideal for smaller commercial or residential installations requiring the highest quality audio and video to be shared between 8 local or remote AV sources and destinations.

Just like its older Enova siblings, the DGX 16 and DGX 32, the DGX 8 includes an integrated NetLinx Controller, redundant power supplies and the ability to be populated with Enova DGX video input and output boards and optional audio insert/extract boards for a maximum matrix of 8×8.

The same input and output boards are compatible with all three Enova DGX models (8, 16 and 32).

In addition to the Enova DGX 8, AMX has also announced that the Enova DGX 16 and 32 Enclosures have just been upgraded with enhanced 850 watt (DGX 16) and 1,200 watt (DGX 32) redundant power supplies. The additional on demand power will allow these enclosures to power even more DXLink devices remotely using AMX Power over DXLink – all without additional power supplies, power connections or installation time.

The new Enova DGX 8 also includes the new 850 watt power supply as standard.

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