Coffee maker alarm clock

A new alarm clock can change forever for everybody. Is anything worse than the sound of your alarm clock early in the morning? Are you in a very bad mood when waking up? Do you really need a coffee to start your day? Josh Renouf, a young British designer, is determined to change this routine. We introduce you ‘The Barisien’. Alarm clock: new concept The Barisien is a coffee maker alarm clock. It uses stainless steel ball bearings to boil water through induction heating. Nothing new at the moment. When does it start? Here’s the best: at a sleeping user’s pre-selected time. The heated water siphons through a tube, into […]

Nissan’s self parking chairs

Yes, you read it right: self parking chairs. Nissan is working on upcoming autonomous automotive technology and they’ve become these chairs into a viral video on social networks. Just with a clap, a tidy office becomes easily in the perfect one: the chairs run to their original position, next to the table. Self parking system The system uses at least four cameras in the room to analyze the 3D space, communicating and informing the chairs how to navigate the room and tuck themselves back under the desk. It can also spin around 360-degrees. They are planning to provide this technology in various car models by 2020. That’s why we are all […]

Your face in a coffee?

We are used to see a heart or a flower in the foam on our coffee. If the barista is really good, he may surprise you with a star. Now you could find any photo, text or graphic, thanks to a new machine. An Israeli start-up, Steam CC, introduced “Ripple Maker” in the past CES 2016 in Vegas. They expected to offer a great experience with these coffees. Any business that offers coffee is able to buy the machine. Ripple Maker combines 3D and inkjet printing technologies. How does it works? The foam has to be done as usual and then, the barista place the mug in the Ripple Maker. […]

Bye CFL bulbs, Hello LED!

It is the end of CFL bulbs. General Electric announced it by the end of the year in the United States. They will focus on LED lights. Customers have been migrating toward LEDs since last decade. LED prices have dramatically declined every year and the moment has become. As GE informs, “LEDs now account for 15 percent of the 1.7 billion bulbs sold annually in the United States”, so all the effort will began on that direction. Comparing LED lights to other energy-saving illumination methods, we find that LED is by far the most power-saving and smart solution. Goodbye Bulbs. Benefits of LED LED lightning reaches the best energy efficiency. LED […]