Safari crashing: how to fix it

Is Safari crashing on your iPhone or Mac? It is not about your device. Thousands of users report the same error that started today, Wednesday. It is seems to be a bug related to Apple’s search suggestions, and it is causing crashes in both, iOS and Mac users. Apple doesn’t report the bug yet, as we can see in their website, but the users claimed against the Cupertino company since this morning. Thousands of comments in Twitter and Reddit. How to fix Safari crashing? Some users have provided a temporary solution to use Safari: disabling ‘Search Engine Suggestions’ on Safari settings. If you have another browser installed on your device, such […]

Bioclimatic houses

There are 25 bioclimatic houses located on the coastline of the southern part of the island of Tenerife (Spain), along a dry ravine. Each bioclimatic house is a unique experience in its architectural concept, in the bioclimatic solutions and the integration of renewable energies. The natural vegetation surrounds the houses and finds its way inside with its scent and colours. In their construction, volcanic rocks, wood and baked clay have mostly been used to impregnate the houses with warmth and character. The main reason for choosing this location lies in its special climatologic conditions: large number of sun hours, constant winds (mainly from the East and Northeast) with a considerable force scarce rainfall […]

Tipron: a home robot that project video

Tipron is a new home robot that project video. It is the new creation of Cerevo, a japanese company focused on creating network consumer devices, as they describe themselves on the official website. Their aim is improving the daily life of all of us. Will they get it? Let’s talk about Tipron, the robot It can project a 80 inch screen from a distance of 3 meters. Its transforming functions allows it to project at a variety of different heights and angles and contract to a compact size when not in use. The robot will automatically adjust his height depending on its current operating mode, for example, Tipron can contract […]