The first fully enclosed solar vehicle

Solar vehicle is here to stay. Evovelo has designed the first fully enclosed solar vehicle. It is able to operate as a vehicle for transporting people and freight, all with minimal environmental impact thanks to its hybrid propulsion system (solar/electric/human) and the materials and processes used to manufacture its first model. Evovelo is a Spanish company, located in Málaga. The vehicle, called Mö, has two seats situated laterally, with the option to add some cargo and/or one or two child seats. It can reach speeds higher than 50 km/h. Mö is built with sustainable materials. The vehicle is powered by a battery, that is charged by the integrated solar panels. […]

Google launches 360º view of the Performing Arts

Google recently launches a new free service: 360º view of the Performing Arts. Discover the Paris Opera and over 60 performing arts partners around the world on the Google Cultural Institute: virtual tours, gigapixel photos, collections, exhibitions and more. Now you are able to watch the greatest performances come to life in 360º from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, wherever you want. Google Cultural Institute is an online platform that uses Google’s technology to share art and culture. Thanks to the technology you can get into one of the most venerable venues of all times: Carnegie Hall, Berliner Philharmonie, Paris Opera, Royal College of Music… For those who can’t visit these […]

Home security cameras

Security cameras can help protect your home from burglaries. Most properties in the US are well equipped with security cameras, but it’s very important to place them properly to take the most of them. Your office or workplace must be guarded, but when it comes to your family’s security, always trust a good professional who’s qualified to do this job. Prevention First of all, common sense tells us not to leave tracks. Be care with your keys, your ID documentation. Of course, be sure you lock the door after leaving the house. Don’t forget the garage door. Ensures the windows. Now, thanks to the technology, you can have a well equipped smart […]