Tips por a great thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving! The favourite holiday for american people is here again. From Ibex Tech, we want to talk about some tips that could help you have the best day. Is there a place for technology in thanksgiving? Of course! Every single day, technology is around us to make our life easier. What do you think about it? Our special tips: Turkey is the star of the day! It may be hard for dummies at the kitchen but there’s no thanksgiving day without a good turkey. Let’s face the challenge. There’s many digital thermometers that can help us: we will be surely that the turkey is well cooked and we can be […]

Wi-Fi: Tips to secure your network

How to secure your wireless home connection? These tips will help you to make your Wi-Fi router more secure and protect your personal information. Create a unique password on your router Never leave your router open without a password. It is also important to change the default password of the router to another one more secure. Even, you can change it often. It’s easy to change it from the Administration settings on your router setting’s page. Your Wi-Fi will be more secure. Change your network’s SSID name We’ve talked about change the password, and it’s also a good idea to change the SSID (Wireless Network Name) of your router. Don’t […]

Rotating solar-powered houses on sale in Spain

Solar-powered houses on sale in Spain, in the south, plenty of sunny days. The Marbella startup Sunhouse360º will debut in 2016 their first “smart” home that rotates to follow the sun’s path throughout the day, maximizing sunlight to heat the home and save energy. Thanks to its sophisticated system of home automation, Sunhouse360º allows you to maximize the levels of thermal comfort in your home at all times of the day, while allowing you to choose the best views your home can offer. Sunhouse360º is a sustainable house respecting the environment, built with the most advanced technologies and delivered with excellent quality finish. 360 degrees of freedom and 100% comfort throughout the […]

This is how we will live 100 years from now

Some UK experts have predicted how we will live 100 years from now. If they’re right, our lives could change considerably. We’re talking about: Super deep basements Floating sea cities High-rise or rooftop farms 3D printed homes Buildings with their own micro climates Huge bridges that span entire cities Spaceports with easy access to the Moon / Mars Super high buildings — cities in the sky Underwater cities Collapsible / stackable living pods Is it a viable option? Is this how we’ll live in 100 years? More information here