Is Apple bulding a self-driving electric car?

Apple has been rumoured to be working on a self-driving electric car. Details on the Apple Car and it’s features are still unknown. The Guardian reports that Apple is already trying to secure a super-secret Bay Area test facility for the electric car. As you know, Google is also working in an electric car. It seems they’re one step ahead, but actually we don’t know much more information about Apple’s project, as long as they declined to comment. iPod, iPad, iPhone, iWatch… Is it time for an “iCar”? Are we ready for that?

Lumina RF Gateway: new remote access system

Leviton has announced the availability of the new Lumina RF Gateway for commercial contractors. It’s a new affordable robust eco-system ideal for saving energy and providing remote access to small commercial operations. Perfect for retrofit and new construction scenarios, the wireless communication can span up to 100’ between connected devices. The suite of products includes new wireless sensors and a new 277V light switch, plus Leviton’s existing wireless thermostats, plug-in load control modules, touchscreens, and apps. We can install it for you. Give us a call to get more information about your needs. Key Features: Wireless energy management system ideal for retail, restaurants, small offices and other small commercial facilities. […]