The best technology for your workplace

Imagine you’re in a huddle room with other coworkers and you need to show them a spread sheet or presentation. You may need to connect devices fast and hassle-free. A good deal could depend on it. Technology makes it easy with new solutions and devices. From Ibex, we can help you and adapt your needs with the best technology for your workplace. Remember that you can just give us a call and we will manage everything. What can we do? We invite you to have a look at Crestron’s new update.

The Solar PV Industry Grows in 2014

We’ve just noticed the new results of Renewables 2015 Global Status Report, and we want to share with you some good news about it. In 2014, solar PV marked another record year for growth, with an estimated 40 GW installed for a total global capacity of about 177 GW. Solar PV is starting to play a substantial role in electricity generation in some countries as rapidly falling costs have made unsubsidised solar PV-generated electricity cost-competitive with fossil fuels in an increasing number of locations around the world. China, Japan, and the United States accounted for the vast majority of new capacity. The solar PV industry recovery that began in 2013 continued in 2014, […]

Are you ready for 4K?

4K is becoming one of the biggest tech terms of the year. Now that 4K product prices have dropped, people are more interested in what it is and how it’s different from full HD. So, what exactly is 4K, how is it going to change the way we watch TV? What is 4K? The term 4K refers to the amount of pixels in a display and comes in two resolutions: the cinema standard and Ultra HD. The cinema standard has a display resolution of 4096x2160p, while Ultra HD, made for bigger consumer displays, consists of 3840x2160p. Even though both of these resolutions are considered 4K, the cinema standard has slightly […]