Tips to make your home Eco-Friendly

  If your making the effort to go green in your home here are some expert tips on how to save the environment and save you money a little bit at a time. Switch out your bulbs to LED lights, and stop leaving lights on in rooms your not using. When it comes to heaters, heat only what you need at the time you need it. Check windows and doors seals, to ensure they’re not old and faulty. Synthetic Grass! Avoid using all your water on keeping that lawn green. Solar Power To read the full article on going green in your home, go to:

Lighting tips!

  If your a photo fanatic and  wondering how to get that edge or achieve that perfect picture. Maybe all you need is the right kind of lighting. Different lighting techniques can really make a world of difference when taking photos. Soft light, hard light, shadows, and source location are all perspectives that should be taken. These effects can make your photo sharp and detailed or delicate and natural. To read the full guide to lighting your picture perfect moment go to: