LED lights: a healthier alternative

LED light are not only cheaper and more beneficial to our environment, but they are healthier for us to! They do NOT emit UV radiation, contain toxic materials,  make noise,  or flicker. But they DO reduce air born pathogens. Read more about the health benefits of LED lights at http://www.designerleds.com/blog/post/5-health-benefits-of-switching-to-led-lights  

Pool safety laws!

In hot and sunny Florida a pool is almost a necessity to cool off in our blistering summer’s. While it’s always great to cool down, it is essential that we keep our pools safe. Miami- Dade recently introduced a rule regarding electrical safety and pools. This ordinance was put into motion to reduce pool electrocutions. Check this Article out at: http://ecmweb.com/shock-electrocution/florida-tv-report-pool-shocks-leads-safety-laws-inspections