How to prevent Electrical Hazards

Here are a couple tips on how to keep your home safe and avoid electrical hazards: Keep cords in good condition. Water and electricity don’t mix. Ever. Use outlet covers if you have young children. Stay up to date with all your appliances and there needs. For the full list of tips and reasons why to use them go to:

Your light bulb could be affecting your sleep

Exposure to certain lighting’s could be ruining your beauty sleep. If your light bulb is emitting the same hue of light as the afternoon sunlight, then that could be the problem. Some light bulbs and electronics produce these sleep-ruining hues and cause us to stay alert and awake. Tips to get a good night sleep are dimming the lights, avoiding electronics right before bed, and using lights with a warmer color temperature. Read more at

The best lighting for your vanity table

Makeup is a tricky matter, you either have too much on or not enough. In some mirrors you look great and in others you are wondering what went wrong. Well the answer to the perfect application could be hiding in your lighting.  The type of light bulb and positioning of the light could be the answer to all your make up mess-ups and nightmares. Read more at

Ageing gas pipes: What needs to be done

Gas pipe leaks are more common in the U.S then we think. People are injured, property is destroyed, and sometimes even death is involved. Gas pipes can be broken during times of construction but they are also subject to corrosion and rust. Alternate materials can be used to replace the ageing pipes. These materials are more reliable and can withstand harsher environments but the cost is pricey and the installation time is lengthy.  It is critical for our safety and well-being that ageing gas pipes are NOT overlooked. Read more on this topic at:  

Saving sea turtles with the right kind of lamp

Turtles, baby sea turtles in particular are in trouble if we don’t take action soon. Due to human development along shorelines mother turtles are having trouble nesting and baby turtles are having trouble making their way to the sea. Baby sea turtles depend on the light reflected off of the moon to guide their way to the ocean, but artificial lighting is guiding them the wrong way.  There is something we can do and it starts with switching to the lighting science my nature coastal LED lamp. This ecologically friendly lamp could help save the sea turtles and an entire ecosystem. Plus its 100% recyclable! Read more at:  

Lighting tips for a safer home

A safe and easy way to deter unwanted guests away from a home can be done through the use of security lights. Illuminating all the dark corners of a house is a sure way to make anyone’s home a less appealing target for intruders. Lights with timers and motion activated lights  can be installed to make a house look like some one is always home, even when they’re not. Patio lights and landscaping lights not only look nice but they’re great for lighting up all those dark corners around the house. Read more about how to install lighting to make your home a safer place at        

LED lights: a healthier alternative

LED light are not only cheaper and more beneficial to our environment, but they are healthier for us to! They do NOT emit UV radiation, contain toxic materials,  make noise,  or flicker. But they DO reduce air born pathogens. Read more about the health benefits of LED lights at  

Pool safety laws!

In hot and sunny Florida a pool is almost a necessity to cool off in our blistering summer’s. While it’s always great to cool down, it is essential that we keep our pools safe. Miami- Dade recently introduced a rule regarding electrical safety and pools. This ordinance was put into motion to reduce pool electrocutions. Check this Article out at: