Farmworker Justice Report Profiles Dangers of Pesticide Poisoning

A new report exposes the serious health risks faced by thousands of farm workers each year from pesticide exposure, and claims workplace regulations and standards fail to prevent the high rate of pesticide-related injuries, illnesses and deaths. Exposed and Ignored: How Pesticides are Endangering Our Nation’s Farmworkers, authored by Farmworker Justice, provides an overview of the harm caused to farm workers across the country by pesticide exposure, including personal stories of workers and their families who have suffered serious illnesses. Despite the preventable nature of pesticide exposure, few farm workers are properly notified of the risks they face on a daily basis and regulations aimed at protecting workers against pesticide […]

Making a Difference: Raising C Diff Awareness

In every profession we put the knowledge we have learned to use each day. While many people work on the frontlines of healthcare, where resilient bacteria live and thrive, most of us do not. We work in manufacturing facilities or on construction sites, where worries about the dangers of cuts, musculoskeletal injuries and falls are top of mine and very few people are concerned about the dangers of bacteria. Clostridium difficile  (C Diff) is a resilient bacteria most commonly found in healthcare settings, but it is gaining momentum in communities and work environments and can be fatal. C. Diff is gram-positive and anaerobic; it is a spore that is able […]

Genelec loudspeakers sourced for University of Surrey research department

University of Surrey’s department of electronic engineering Aiming to create conditions that reproduce sounds within confined areas of acoustical space and minimise crosstalk, the project has seen the construction of a near 360-degree structure that supports sixty four Genelec 8020B monitors. Supplied by HHB Communications, the monitors used will be able to transfer to a series of other projects into sound field reproduction, 3D sound, spatial audio and perceptual experiments. For the current POSZ project, the Genelecs are mounted on the spherical frame and readings are then taken by a grid of microphones at different listening positions inside the structure. The University’s Department of Electronic Engineering and the Institute of […]

Promotion for Andy Dyson sees him complete move from warehouse to the boardroom at Saville AV

Paul Milligan, July 16, 2013   Be the first to comment on this article   Intergrator Saville AV has announced the appointment of Andy Dyson as commercial director. Dyson has spent more than over 27 years at the compant, starting initially as an apprentice warehouse person in 1986.   Andy Dyson, Saville AV In the following years Dyson fulfilled various roles within the company in both the sales and hire divisions. In 2009 he was appointed to his previous role as divisional manager for the AV/IT systems division. Under his leadership the division has seen an increase in turnover of over 30 per cent. Your Comment Cancel reply

Zytronic touchscreens installed as part of new Tyneside Metro ticketing system

Scheidt & Bachmann ticket machine The new machines are capable of accepting credit/debit card and smartcard payment as well as cash, with support for six different languages helping to enhance the overall user experience. Their touchscreen user interfaces will make the ticket purchasing process faster and more intuitive – thereby maximising each station’s operational efficiency. The engineering team at Scheidt & Bachmann selected Zytronic’s PCT sensors for the project for a number of factors: Reliable touch performance irrespective of weather conditions, bespoke construction and, rugged construction. Matthias Augustyniak, MD, Scheidt & Bachmann said: “The touchscreen technologies that we used in previous machine designs, such as surface acoustic wave, could not […]