The 50 People Who Most Influenced EHS in 2012-13 (.pdf format)

The Rockwell Automation Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards are given to companies with exemplary performance in culture, compliance policies and procedures, and use of automation technologies to improve worker safety and productivity. Special emphasis is placed on the collaboration between EH&S and engineering to ensure compliance, worker safety, and productivity. For more information visit The 50 People Who Most Influenced EHS in 2012-13 (.pdf format) EHS Today

Turn a “No” Into a “Yes” in Four Steps

We’ve all heard it. In fact, some researchers claim we heard it more than 40,000 times by the age of 5: the word “no.” Can I have some candy? No! Can I stay up late? No! Can I have some money? No! Can I….? No! We are so accustomed and programmed to hearing the word “no” that most of us have learned to expect it even though we do not like accepting it. You hear it even in the present day in your professional career: Can I have some funding for…? No! Can I buy…? No! Can I attend…? No! Can I get promoted? What about a raise? Can I…? […]

Exploring the Record-Breaking Health and Safety Performance of the 2012 Olympic Games

During the 2012 Olympics, many records were broken in the pool and on the track, but there is little recognition of the other records that were broken during construction of the many venues, housing, transportation systems and park development. At one point, the employee count in the London 2012 project peaked to 12,500. In all, 46,000 total workers worked to build the 2012 London Olympics, incurring 62 million man-hours. London 2012 was the safest Olympic build ever, with a reported injury rate of 0.17 per 100,000 man-hours (0.34 per 100 full-time employees by the method used in the U.S.) – far below the 0.55 building industry average in the U.K. […]

Renkus-Heinz rolls into Mercedes-Benz plant

Mercedes Benz plant in Vance, Alabama Andre Garcia, director of engineering at Xerox Audio Visual Systems, who installed the Iconyx systems at the plant, said there were several acoustical challenges presented by the space: “Because of the nature of the meetings occurring in this space, the speaker system had to be very clear, as far as voice goes, for intelligibility. “However, the room, which is about 60 x 130 and 30 feet high, has hardware floors, which make it sound like a school gym. So the biggest complaint was that it was hard to understand voices.” Garcia and his team chose the Renkus- Heinz Iconyx because it employs steerable line-array […]

Café Del Mar in Dubai chooses Turbosound loudspeakers

Photo credit: Vania Attieh Chidiac decided on a four-point configuration of Turbosound Aspect TA-500 three-way point-source loudspeakers to provide high level, low distortion sound. As the Café Del Mar venue is within the boundaries of Meydan Beach’s up-market Jumeirah Beach Residence, a major consideration of the project design was to minimise sound spillage into the nearby residential areas. “The entire venue could have easily been covered by two small line arrays, but as the DJ booth is facing the residential buildings it became clear that line arrays wouldn’t be sufficient in this case because I realised that potentially a lot of uncontrollable sound could be generated and directed toward the […]