Speak Up For Safety: Take the 2013 National Safety Survey

Every year through our National Safety Survey, we reach out to EHS leaders to learn more about their thoughts on the occupational safety and health landscape. We want to know about your successes, your challenges, your goals, and what might help you work more effectively to save lives and prevent on-the-job injuries and illnesses. How did you address a recent occupational safety challenge at work? What types of worker wellness initiatives does your organization promote? Have you ever witnessed or been directly affected by workplace violence or bullying? If you were named OSHA administrator overnight, with the power to make any changes you saw fit, what would be your first […]

Workplace Stress Makes Healthy Choices Go Up in Smoke

A study of 423 adult American smokers suggests that stress stemming from work-family conflict can lead to an increase in smoking and other unhealthy behaviors. Based on their findings, researchers from the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington encourage employers to implement workplace wellness and smoking cessation programs to help boost employee health. The study, “The Association Between Work-Family Conflict and Smoking Quantity Among Daily Smokers,” found that men and women who smoked daily reported that their smoking increased when conflict from work affected their home life. Women also reported the inverse: increased smoking when home conflict affected their work. “There’s growing evidence that work-family conflict is related to a […]