Pilgrim’s Pride Settles for $2.5 Million Following Workplace Fatality

In July 2011, James Bynum, a longtime employee at Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., was fatally injured when he as run over and pinned beneath a truck at work. Attorneys have negotiated a $2.5 million settlement in connection to this fatality. Bynum’s death occurred around 1 a.m. on July 27, 2011 at the Protein Conversion Plant of the Mount Pleasant, Texas, facility. He had been working near a shuttle truck on a loading dock when he was struck and subsequently pinned beneath the truck. According to Dallas personal injury attorneys of Grossman Law Offices, Bynum survived for several hours and suffered “immense pain” before his death. “Being in the personal injury business […]

Busted! Overheard at Safety 2013

Let it be known that many writers are basically big snoops. We eavesdrop on juicy conversations we overhear in public, and some of us aren’t above writing those conversations down. Earlier this week at the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Safety 2013 conference in Las Vegas, I overheard a few interesting snippets of conversations – and I’m not talking about the guy strolling through a casino telling his friend that his life “was going OK, but I might be getting a divorce.” Instead, I heard a few disturbing admissions about a safety topic near and dear to me: distracted driving. The first came from a certified safety professional who […]

Safety 2013: Four Clues Your Safety Culture Is Out of Balance

When Rodney E. Grieve and his family set out to go horseback riding during a vacation in Spain, he had no idea that his horse would teach him an important lesson about workplace safety culture. It all started when Grieve, a founding partner of Branta Worldwide Inc., remained complacent even after his horse bucked and reared early in the day. Because he was not injured and was able to carry on with a pleasant ride, he decided everything was fine. But everything wasn’t fine when his horse later bolted, setting off a chain reaction that not only landed Grieve in the dust but also caused his nine-year-old daughter to fall […]

Safety 2013: What are the Odds? The Probability of an Accident

As the host city of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Safety 2013 conference, Las Vegas was the perfect backdrop for a presentation on predicting the probability of a workplace accident. Victor J. Sordillo, PE, CSP, a VP at Chubb Group of Insurances Companies, discussed the human factors that go into the probability of a workplace accident. He called numbers “often misleading” and acknowledged that determining probability is not always intuitive. “In safety, if probability was perfect, we could predict [for example] that one in 500 people would experience a back injury on the job,” he said. “But what you have in your operations is you have all the […]

Graduate Fashion Week upgrades production kit for live HD playback

Graduate Fashion Week To improve the technical production, FSI brought onboard Brightonart Ltd, who have for the past two seasons worked with FSI during London Fashion Week. The Brightonart team were tasked with providing a clean feed from an HD camera mix, to be supplied to the universities for playback on their stands, and for review by the GFW judging panel prior to the gala show. In all, there were 22 shows during GFW, split across two theatres and running back to back alternate shows. In each of the theatres Brightonart was running a live HD mix, capturing in 1080i50, comprised of two camera sources connected over SDI to a Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E production switcher with Broadcast Panel. […]

Harman distributor Sound Technology to host Houses of Worship demo event

Sound Technology is to host a Houses of Worship demo at its facility in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, on Thursday 18th July 2013 The demo day at Sound Technology’s custom designed facility will be an opportunity for UK installers and consultants to see and hear, the latest specific products for Houses of Worship from JBL, Crown, BSS, dbx, Soundcraft and AKG. Operating in typically very demanding acoustic environments, audio systems for Houses of Worship require professional products that combine clarity, flexibility, ease of use – and frequently require discrete placement of speakers. Of particular interest will be JBL’s CBT Constant Beamwidth Technology passive line array columns – which are designed […]

Crestron opens new office and showroom in The Netherlands

Crestron office in Gorinchem Designed to accommodate end-users, integrators, interior designers, architects and more, the building is divided into four main areas: a training room, experience centre and showroom, a meeting room and the office space which is home to the Dutch team. “With the popularity of ISE, Holland has truly grown into a vibrant hub of the integration world for the EMEA region,” said Robin van Meeuwen, VP of Crestron International. “Crestron having a base here will allow us to gain a stronger position in the industry while making it easier for integrators to reach us and access our full range of training sessions.” The official opening of the […]

Vauxhall Adam car launch uses projection mapping

Vauxhall Adam The launch of the new Vauxhall Adam saw shoppers and diners see the car come to life, as it breathed and interacting alongside passers-by. The stunt was created by Lumen and Urban Projections. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO The video mapping trick used light to project imagery of animal print, geometric shapes onto the body of the car. The soundtrack and car alarms were played through the Vauxhall Adam’s Infinity sound system which produces 7-channel sound, powered by amplifier and a boot-mounted subwoofer. ‘Adam Illuminates’ reached out to weekend revellers and focused on the car as it sat in Merchant Square, a Victorian covered courtyard for eating and drinking […]

Safety 2013: ASSE Launches Risk Assessment Institute

  There is a reason why injury, illness and fatality rates are called trailing indicators. While we need and use these statistics (and OSHA requires the reporting of injury- and illness-causing incidents), they give us a picture of what happened after the fact. After employees have been injured. After employees have been killed. “Recent injury and illness trends within companies and their global supply chains indicate that overall incident rate improvement has slowed and rates of fatal and serious injuries have remained steady for a number of years,” said ASSE President-Elect Kathy Seabrook, when announcing the launch of ASSE’s Risk Assessment Institute. “Clearly, a different approach is required if further […]

Safety 2013: Understanding the Business Value of Safety and Sustainability

  How do you define sustainability? Is it grounded in responsible environmental practices, the protection of the environment and resources? Or is it something more? Increasingly, sustainability has come to represent not only responsible environmental practices, but also responsible social practices, such as providing a safe workplace for employees. Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP, executive director of global corporate safety and health for Johnson Controls, and Kathy A. Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH (UK), EurOSHM, of Global Solutions Inc., told a session at Safety 2013 that sustainability is not a “trend;” it’s becoming a business practice driven by the investment community. According to Hill and Seabrook, sustainable business practices can make a […]