I Rode My Bike to Work … Now Where’s My Cookie?

Happy Bike to Work Day! This annual event is celebrated across the nation to promote the fun, eco-friendly, healthy way of getting to work: on two wheels that you pedal yourself. I owe one of my neighbors some gratitude for reminding me last night that Bike to Work Day is May 17. As much as I’ve ridden my bike to work over the years, I’ve always managed to miss biking on the actual Bike to Work Day. But not today. Today, I was going to ride my bike, and I was going to eat the free cookies on offer at one of several Bike to Work Day locations that would […]

Off-the-Job Safety: Cancer Experts Issue Warning on Grilling Safety

In time for the start of grilling season, experts at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), an organization that studies the impact of lifestyle on cancer risk, issued a warning about the hidden health hazards of cookouts and campfires. “Research now shows that diets high in red and processed meat increase risk for colon cancer,” said AICR registered dietitian Alice Bender. “And grilling meat – red or white – forms potent cancer-causing substances. But by keeping five simple steps in mind, it’s possible to make this summer’s backyard grilling both healthier and more flavorful.” Step One: Mix up the meat. The first thing to understand is that what meat […]

Run, Hide, Fight: The New Response to Active Shooters?

Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, I get asked daily about “Run, Hide, Fight,” the new response to an active shooter on a campus or in a workplace. Let’s start with some facts for context: ► Campus shootings are not increasing. U.S. government studies show the number of incidents have held steady or decreased over the last two decades. ► Campus violence is workplace violence. Schools and colleges are workplaces before they are campuses. ► Workplace homicides are down dramatically over the last two decades. ► Workplace violence of all calibers except homicide are on the increase. Harassment to assault to robbery and rape are much more likely than […]

TeamMate launches new Fundamentals range at SCHOMS Conference

Paul Milligan, May 17, 2013 Be the first to comment on this article Technical furniture manufacturer TeamMate has announced a new range of products branded ‘Fundamentals’, which are at a price point suited to the wider education market. The Fundamentals range was launched at the SCHOMS conference in Aberdeen, 14 – 16th May, with models aimed at classrooms, seminar rooms and larger teaching spaces. TeamMate Fundamentals range TeamMate has enjoyed growth in the higher education market, but had identified opportunities for which their core products were over specified. Sales and marketing director Jeremy Stewart said: “The Fundamentals range will appeal to customers who are looking to […]