Fatalities in West, Texas: Was Incremental Rationalization to Blame?

Thirty years in the safety profession, countless hours of incident investigations, hundreds of reports detailing how and why bad things happen to good people, and yet sometimes the end result is the same: a safety process was not followed and therefore one or more people paid the ultimate price. Fellow safety professionals all over the world are undoubtedly shaking their heads because they too have seen the consequences of organizational risk-takers and their impact on employee and community safety. So here it is again. Another fatal industrial explosion, this one resulting in more than a dozen lives lost and a community damaged. You’ve read and heard the news – officials […]

Factory Collapse in Bangladesh Kills More than 80 Workers

Workers enter a Bangladesh garment factory in 2009. According to the Clean Clothes Campaign, 80 percent of Bangladesh’s 2.4 million garment workers are women. Tragedy has struck garment factory workers in Bangladesh once again: A building that housed multiple garment factories in Savar, Bangladesh, collapsed the morning of April 24. Initial reports indicate that more than 80 workers, mostly women, were killed. According to media reports, employees were ordered to work even though visible cracks had been discovered in the eight-storey building the day before. In addition to the dozens of workers who lost their lives, others remain trapped in the rubble and potentially hundreds more have been […]

Finnish Company UPM’s Accident Frequency Dropped 40 Percent in a Year

UPM, with its 22,000 employees at production plants in 17 countries, has achieved success with a workplace safety initiative that was launched at the beginning of 2012. In the year since the beginning of the Step Change in Safety 2012–2014 initiative, UPM’s global lost time accident frequency (LTAF) decreased by 40 percent. The safety initiative has two goals: to achieve world-class safety results within 3 years and to prevent any fatal accidents at UPM facilities. “A 40 percent decrease in accidents at work is a great improvement,” said Jussi Pesonen, CEO of UPM. “The development was positive in all business areas and at the end of 2012, nine production units […]

SCV to distribute Livid Instruments

Jay Smith (left) and Matt Esau (right) with the new Base touch senstive control surface Livid Instruments has been crafting custom controllers in Austin, Texas, since 2004, and offers a line of commercially available MIDI control surfaces and DIY products. Matt Esau, SCV’s Marketing Manager, remarked “Livid comes at exactly the right point for us. We took a good look at our portfolio in January, made some hard decisions, and have now refocused where we are heading. There was an obvious gap for a computer based controller product line and they don’t get much better than Livid’s custom surfaces. We are very excited to bring such innovative and superbly made […]

Compass RMS simplifies real-time monitoring

RMS server and laptop Building on Meyer Sound’s remote monitoring technology, the new Compass RMS system features the RMServerT, the purpose-built network hardware that communicates loudspeaker performance data over Ethernet and twisted-pair network. The control interface is now fully integrated into the CompassR 3.0 software, which supports both Mac and Windows. Compass 3.0 also serves as the user interface for the GalileoR loudspeaker management system and the CALT column array loudspeaker. With the control interface moved to Compass 3.0, users of Compass RMS can perform mute, solo, and wink ID functions and monitor more than a dozen parameters much more efficiently. These parameters include peak amplifier power and voltage, average […]