Protection from Arc Flashes

From hazard testing demonstrations to the performance and capabilities of flame resistant fabrics, the video library has the information you’re looking for. Simply select a video from the list below. Westex Arc Flash Testing Overview: This video explains how arc flashes happen, how they are measured and how wearing the right FR clothing can keep workers safe and in compliance with industry standards. Filmed in slow motion and in high definition. Download this video The Westex Difference Arc Flash & Flash Fire Overviews New HD Arc Flash Clips New HD Flash Fire Clips Original Top 10 Arc Flash Clips The Westex Difference: Segment 1 Intro 1:43 The Westex Difference: Segment […]

Catastrophic Explosion Rips Through Texas Fertilizer Plant

On April 17, a massive fire and explosion at the West Fertilizer Plant in the town of West, Texas, killed multiple workers, injured more than 160 people and destroyed nearby residences and businesses. Preliminary reports indicate that as many as 15 people may have died in the blast. The New York Times reports that some firefighters who responded to the initial blaze are currently missing. The explosion also wreaked havoc on the local area, destroying or damaging nearby buildings. The West Fertilizer Plant, located near Waco, Texas, experienced a fire earlier in the day that grew larger and culminated in a massive explosion just before 8 p.m. An amateur video […]

Sizing Up Nanotechnology Safety

Nanoparticles – engineered materials that measure one-billionth of a meter or smaller – can be found in hundreds of consumer products, including food, lotions, cosmetics and more. But according to one expert, some of the research conducted to determine the health and environmental safety impact of nanomaterials may have yielded misleading results. During a lecture at the American Chemical Society (ACS) national meeting earlier this month, Christy Haynes, Ph.D., principal investigator of The Haynes Research Group at the University of Minnesota, explained that more than 800 consumer products based on nanotechnology are on the market. A new field, “nanotoxicology,” emerged in the last decade to investigate those concerns. “Initial work […]

Join the RUSH for new effect lights?

RUSH MH 2 Wash Villads Thomsen, Vice President of Global Sales at Martin, commented, “The response at Prolight + Sound was overwhelmingly positive. We feel the time is right to re-energize this segment and are confident that RUSH will appeal to a wide range of markets from clubs and bars to DJ’s, bands and leisure environments. “With a wide array of products to come, there will be a RUSH product to fill every need.” “We are extremely excited about this brand new range as it again brings everything that Martin stands for to the market for installation effect lights. This is by no means new territory for us however as […]

GB4D simplifies the network distribution high in the French Alps

X Games Tignes, 2013 The event was held at the skiing and snowboarding haven of Tignes in the French Alps and, therefore, required specialists at big event productions who are accustomed to working in extreme conditions. Gilles Bouvard compared the challenge of working high in the Alps, with the opposite climatic extreme — since GB4D recently deployed a vast Optocore and BroaMan network over a huge distance for Kuwait’s 50th Constitution Day celebration. “In fact there is little difference,” he said. “On the one hand we have the high temperatures and sand storms, on the other the very low temperatures and snow. We find ourselves in two similar extreme situations […]