Survey Offers a Glimpse Into the Safety Culture of General Contractors

Attorney Howard Mavity, who co-chairs Fisher & Phillips’ Workplace Safety and Catastrophe Management Practice Group, said that a recent survey was distributed to the Associated General Contractors (AGC) – National Safety committee, AGC Chapters in Missouri, Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas and to a large percentage of the larger U.S. general contractors. Almost 100 contractors responded. He said that employers agreed that OSHA is opposed to safety incentive programs that are based on injury and illness rates because they believe that such programs discourage employees from reporting workplace injuries. “After dozens of six-figure awards, OSHA has made it clear that it views discipline for violating safety rules as often being a […] Interview: Attorney Howard Mavity Discusses Leading and Lagging Indicators and OSHA

Is OSHA Wrong About Safety Incentive Programs? Howard Mavity probably has tried more worker death cases than any other U.S. attorney. “I’ve tried 460-something death cases,” he notes, “and it makes you think about how they could be prevented.” According to Mavity, as many as 70 percent of the death cases he’s represented involved “skilled, experienced employees making errors. Anecdotally, these were ‘good people,’ with families, who were considered reliable and trusted by their coworkers. But they got nonchalant – casual –about safety.” Mavity, a partner in the Atlanta law office of Fisher & Phillips LLC, suggests that one of the biggest mistakes his clients can make is to allow repetition […]