Sen. Murray: Protecting America’s Workers Act a “Long-Overdue” Update to OSH Act

Forty-two years have passed since the OSH Act was signed into law. Now, Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., has reintroduced the Protecting America’s Workers Act (PAWA) in an effort to strengthen the nation’s occupational safety protections. She calls the legislation “a long-overdue update to the OSH Act, and a good step towards making workplaces safer and healthier across America.” PAWA works to address workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths. Specifically, PAWA would expand OSH Act protections to include state, county, municipal and U.S. government employees; increase whistleblower protections; and improve OSHA reporting, inspection and enforcement. These improvements will help OSHA ensure safe and healthful work environments in industries that have outpaced decades […]

Safety Pays: How Much Is the Health Care Industry Spending on Employee Injuries?

Working in health care is more dangerous than you might think. A tradition of giving patient safety top priority has placed some employees at a disadvantage in terms of protecting their own well-being. In fact, health care jobs can be among the most risky of all. The health care industry’s struggle with safety is no secret. In its 2010 Request for Information, OSHA stated that health care has “a weak culture of worker safety.” I analyzed 2010 and 2011 BLS data to get an idea of what this weak culture of safety has cost in terms of lost-time injuries. It’s no surprise that nurses bear the brunt of injuries due […]

U.K. Company Fined After Teen Worker Suffers Burns, Vision Damage in Chemical Exposure

In January 2012, a 16-year-old employee of Motorhouse 2000 Ltd., a vehicle repair company located in England, suffered burns and damaged vision when toxic paint stripper splashed into his face. The U.K. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) fined the employer £4,000, or roughly $6,000, and ordered Motorhouse to pay costs totaling £6,319 (approximately $9,576). Bret Thomas, a high school student from Cannock, England, was told to assist an employee who was refilling the wheel-stripping tank. The employee poured toxic paint stripper from plastic containers into the tank and then passed the containers to Thomas, who was removing, cutting and disposing the labels. As Thomas cut the last label, the plastic […]

Gefen buys Gefen Distribution GmbH

Florian Goebel, the MD of Gefen Distribution Gefen Europe GmbH, a newly formed subsidiary of Nortek, will deal with the commercial and broadcast markets in EMEA and Russia by offering a centralised organisation for sales, support, training and shipping. Florian Goebel, the managing director of Gefen Distribution, is now the managing director of the new Gefen Europe sales organisation. The company will continue to be headquartered in Munich, Germany. Gefen Europe will continue to sell as before, using the existing infrastructure and personnel already in operation. Under Florian Goebel’s leadership, Gefen will consolidate distribution partners from the EMEA region and Russia to report directly to Gefen Europe. Your Comment Cancel […]

Swiss signage network begins rollout

Following installations in Poland and Germany, the company has now expanded into the Swiss market with the installation of screens in 59 BP sites across the country. The network in Switzerland will reach 50 million adults every fortnight, with roll-out also set to take place in neighbouring Austria later this year. Amscreen will be working with Swiss media partner The Goldbach Group which will be selling space on the network. Screen content is updated remotely and in realtime. Your Comment Cancel reply

Victoria Hotel in Donetsk refurbs audio system

A QSC ILA line array comprising 16 WL2082-i elements (eight left, eight right) and four WL118-sw subwoofers was used in the main conference hall at the Victoria. The array was driven by a combination of four PLX3102 amps, plus a PLX1104 and an RMX 5050, and managed by an SC28 system controller. A slightly smaller version of the same system was used in the main hotel restaurant, with eight WL2082-i elements, six WL118-sw subs, and a pair of PLX3102 amps Your Comment Cancel reply