Place Your Bets: Wagers in the Workplace Gaining Acceptance

Placing bets in the workplace might be controversial, but the practice also seems to be gaining acceptance among workers. According to the Vault 2013 Office Betting Survey, 79 percent of respondents believe it is appropriate to engage in office betting pools, with many considering the activity a way to bond, raise morale and build relationships in the office. The survey results revealed that 70 percent of respondents admitted to participating in an office betting pool, while 80 percent claimed to know a coworker who has participated in such pools. Survey respondents suggested that such office betting could present a bonding experience and help coworkers build stronger relationships. “Business professionals are […]

Mitsubishi launches ‘cloud’ projector for the education sector

Mitsubishi WD390U-EST cloud projector To use the projector users just have to log onto a network and can display content in seconds, whether from a local sever, the internet or the cloud. As long as the WD390U-EST ultra-short throw projector is connected and logged on to a network, a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse, users can access content on a server, or in the cloud. The WD390U-EST projector has been specially designed for classrooms or small meeting rooms using DLP technology and by using the free SidePad and WiFi Doc applications, teachers and presenters can use a mobile device such as a tablet or a smart phone to access, mirror and […]

The Saatchi Gallery partners with ECNlive screen network

The City’s first digitised art exhibition is an initiative in partnership with ECNlive, a corporate digital display network with screens in more than 130 of London’s business buildings, including the Gherkin and Tower42. A preview of selected pieces from Gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union exhibition. Running until 5 May, it’s a collection of contemporary Russian artwork which includes many striking installations displayed across the network to an audience of over 500,000 employees. ECNlive screens will also show chosen pieces from the Breaking the Ice exhibition, containing work from Moscow artists from 1960-1989. Your Comment Cancel reply

Dataton moves The Great Journey across Europe

The Great Journey (pic courtesy Judith Nab) Established in 2010, The Great Journey was first located in Flanders, Belgium. After two years it moved to Amsterdam and in late 2012 it embarked on a European-wide tour. Since opening, the tour has received over 10,000 visitors. The bus uses Dataton’s Watchout multi-image and presentation software which was supplied by Watchout partner AV Trade to manage digitally animated multimedia content over LCD screens positioned on the bus windows. The experience takes the travellers on a journey around the world in 37 minutes, exploring far away countries and places such as mountains and valleys, dark woods and even the bottom of the sea. […]

Copenhagen music venue upgrades PA

For its latest upgrade of the concert hall, EBB-consult outlined an exacting tender process, obliging companies to propose a loudspeaker configuration able to satisfy two distinct objectives: To serve as a classic PA, and to accommodate the RMC’s sound technology program. Stouenborg, a Copenhagen-based installation company was the installer. The choice of PA fell to an RMC-elected evaluation panel with members voting in favour of Meyer following a demo. Stouenborg installed two UPQ-1P loudspeakers for principal reinforcement, and four USW-1P subwoofers. Your Comment Cancel reply