Workplace Bullying: How to Deal with Intimidation or Harassment at Work

Workplace bullying has become a hot-button topic over the past few years, with statistics suggesting that up to 35 percent of the work force have fallen victim to this alarming trend. Some suggest that bullying victims simply are people who “can’t take the pressure” at work. Not so, says Jeff Shane, vice president of Allison & Taylor Reference Checking. “Bullying has become an unpleasant fact of life in too many workplace environments. What makes it especially insidious is that it often continues even after someone has left a job, with the bully continuing to make their life difficult by them a poor reference to a prospective employer,” says Shane. Workplace […]

Then and Now: The Difference 4 Years Can Make in EHS Regulatory Focus Around the World [SLIDESHOW]

Figure 1 According to Enhesa’s database, roughly 500 additional environment, health and safety regulations were adopted in 2012 compared to 2009. Figure 2 In 2009, chemicals and air emissions were the strongest focus of environment, health and safety regulations in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. Figure 3 There has been an overall growth in EHS regulations across the board in 2012. Product regulations increased in North America and Asia-Pacific, but dropped significantly in Europe. Figure 4 An increasing emphasis has been placed on health and safety issues in the last four years, as indicated in the first three areas of greatest expansion. Air emissions and hazardous materials management were not […]

Then and Now: The Difference 4 Years Can Make in EHS Regulatory Focus Around the World

In the last 4 years, environment, health and safety regulations around the world increased by 35 percent. Now is a key moment to be honest with ourselves. The increasing amount of global environment, health and safety regulation is utterly nerve-wracking. As an EHS leader, you might be bewildered by the notion that so much can happen so quickly. There have been exponential climbs in unexpected areas of the world and across topic issues you may not have been prepared to address. However, now is not the time to let intimidation run the show. It’s time to be in full control of compliance by understanding what truly is happening […]

You CAN Lead through Change

“Are you kidding me? Weekly meetings!” Riley was questioning why Clint, his boss, is requesting weekly staff meetings instead of the long-standing monthly meetings. “Is this the beginning of a new form of micromanagement? Why do we have to change now?” Riley asks himself. “It’s such a burden with no apparent benefit.” Clint notices Riley’s questioning response about the weekly meetings. The weekly meetings are part of the changes coming to the department. If the team didn’t meet weekly, they would struggle implementing the new software for customer relationship management. Clint needs Riley on board with this change. If Riley would be supportive, it would help management gain support from […]

Peeping Out from Behind the Clutter

I am too proud to tell you exactly how many unread emails remain in my inbox at the moment. I’m usually able to handle the dozens upon dozens (sometimes hundreds) of emails I receive all day, every day, in an efficient manner. But if I get just a few days behind, everything snowballs. Even as I continue reading, responding and deleting emails throughout the workday, it barely makes a dent, and I look up from my diligent email-clearing attempts only to find that I’m still buried under 297 unread messages. (Oops, guess I let it slip.) I’m constantly on the offense against all those wildly irrelevant distibution lists that include […]

Konftel launches 55 series of audio conferencing units designed for the UC market

When a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop phone connects to the Konftel 55 an icon automatically illuminates in the smart LCD screen. A VoIP call via, for example, Skype, MS Lync or other web meeting services can also be bridged with a regular phone call. By connecting a laptop to the 55 via the USB cable supplied or via bluetooth, users can take adantages of the freely available VOIP video services (like Skype etc), and enjoy audio and video communication. When a headset is connected to Konftel 55 via the 3.5 mm jack, users can switch between personal calls or meetings via the speakers. It also features a rechargeable […]

Dubai Duty Free invests in digital signage

A key operational requirement of Onelan was to deliver realtime scheduling of content to match advertising to specific airport locations and flights, a key element of the Connectiv offer to airport retailers. This will enable advertisers to target specific groups of passengers more accurately as they transit the airport. Later phases will introduce Onelan’s corporate platform, Cyclone, to add managed workflow, hierarchical metadata, and a media sales system for inventory and campaign management. Your Comment Cancel reply

Live music venue in Singapore moves over to digital

Built 20 years ago, Wala Wala began hosting live music 10 years later following the refurbishment of its first floor storage area. Wala Wala previously had a small analogue console, but has switched to digital with the Allen & Heath GLD-80 digital console and KV2 Audio speaker system. Cleopatra is a karaoke-themed nightclub featuring a nightly light show and live singers. The FoH system consists of QSC Audio speakers and a GLD digital system. Your Comment Cancel reply

Sen. Murray: Protecting America’s Workers Act a “Long-Overdue” Update to OSH Act

Forty-two years have passed since the OSH Act was signed into law. Now, Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., has reintroduced the Protecting America’s Workers Act (PAWA) in an effort to strengthen the nation’s occupational safety protections. She calls the legislation “a long-overdue update to the OSH Act, and a good step towards making workplaces safer and healthier across America.” PAWA works to address workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths. Specifically, PAWA would expand OSH Act protections to include state, county, municipal and U.S. government employees; increase whistleblower protections; and improve OSHA reporting, inspection and enforcement. These improvements will help OSHA ensure safe and healthful work environments in industries that have outpaced decades […]

Safety Pays: How Much Is the Health Care Industry Spending on Employee Injuries?

Working in health care is more dangerous than you might think. A tradition of giving patient safety top priority has placed some employees at a disadvantage in terms of protecting their own well-being. In fact, health care jobs can be among the most risky of all. The health care industry’s struggle with safety is no secret. In its 2010 Request for Information, OSHA stated that health care has “a weak culture of worker safety.” I analyzed 2010 and 2011 BLS data to get an idea of what this weak culture of safety has cost in terms of lost-time injuries. It’s no surprise that nurses bear the brunt of injuries due […]