Mining Company Sues Worker Who Reported Safety Concerns

Welder Reuben Shemwell filed a complaint against his former employer, Armstrong Coal, claiming he was fired for refusing to work in unsafe conditions. His former employer is suing him for making what it believes are frivolous claims. Whistleblower laws exist to protect workers who have been fired or otherwise punished by their employers for complaining about working conditions. Reuben Shemwell, a welder in Kentucky, says he was fired in September 2011 by a division of Armstrong Coal for complaining about workplace safety conditions related to confined space entry and refusing to work on machinery that had not been de-energized. His former employer countered, claiming Shemwell was warned three […]

Global Trends in Machine Safety Solutions

The growth of manufacturing along with new safety requirements in emerging countries spells a greater demand for machine safety solutions – and implementing machine safety systems can give manufacturers a competitive advantage and a positive public image, according to new research from Frost & Sullivan. “Safety systems monitor health of plant equipment to reduce its exposure to damage and lengthen its lifecycle,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Anna Mazurek. “In addition, they decrease the probability of work-related injuries, allowing machine operators to work more efficiently. This drives end-users to employ machine safety solutions.” Frost & Sullivan’s Strategic Analysis of Global Machine Safety Market research finds that the market earned […]

ASSE Takes Its Safety Message to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s inaugural International Safety Leadership Conference, held in the capital city of Baku in December 2012, represents a step toward improved occupational safety for a country experiencing rapid growth in the oil and gas industry. During the conference, Azerbaijan’s Member of Parliament Rauf Aliyev and Karim Agayev, state supervision of construction, ministry of emergency situations team leader, invoked a popular quote from Azerbaijan’s former president, Heydar Aliyev: “It is much easier to prevent an incident than to deal with its outcome after it happens.” Significant projects in the Baku, Azerbaijan, region include the development of the Turkmenistan Nabucco gas pipeline being built to transport gas to Central and Western Europe; […]

The Future of the EHS Professional’s Role

As we embark on a new year and look forward to our future contributions in the safety world, we might wonder what the EHS professional’s workday will look like decades from now. If our current technological advances continue, it is not a distant stretch of the imagination to conceive a workplace that is far different from what we have today. The question is how different and what role will the EHS professional play? How Different Will the Workplace Be? Advances in nanotechnology will rule. It is likely that picotechnology will be in its advanced developmental stages. We will no longer be administered medications orally; a swipe across the back of […]