7 Strategies to Improve Safety for Contingent Workers

An increasing number of U.S. employees are employed as “contingent” workers, an arrangement that can expose them to occupational safety and health risks not experienced by a permanent work force. A new report from the Center for Progressive Reform (CPR) offers seven strategies to protect continent employees from unsafe working conditions. The white paper “At the Company’s Mercy: Protecting Contingent Workers from Unsafe Working Conditions,” by CPR member scholars Martha McCluskey, Thomas McGarity, Sidney Shapiro and Senior Policy Analyst Matthew Shudtz, highlights the occupational challenges facing contingent workers in the United States and suggests strategies to improve their working conditions. “Their shared experience is one of little job security, low […]

4 Ways to Prepare Your Business for a Flu Outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that the influenza season in the United States started early this year, with flu activity remaining high and likely to continue for some time. In response to these high illness rates, a medical expert offers four strategies to help employers prepare for the possibility that the flu could impact their businesses. “An organization can be severely impacted by people coming to work when they’re sick,” said Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer, M.D., medical director of Loyola University Health System Occupational Health Services. “We know illness can spread from person to person, causing entire work groups to be affected. But less obvious is how job […]

OSHA Floods Hoover Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant with 58 Safety and Health Violations

OSHA found 50 alleged serious and eight repeat safety and health violations during a comprehensive investigation at the Hoover Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant located 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas. The U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation maintains and operates the power plant. “We are concerned to have found this number of serious safety and health violations at the Hoover Dam plant,” said Ken Atha, OSHA’s regional administrator in San Francisco. “We expect to work closely with the agency to rectify these deficiencies and provide a safe and healthful work environment for employees.” The 50 serious safety and health violations include fall and electrical hazards, a lack of required […]

EHS Today Online Feature: 10 Costly Return-to-Work Mistakes

Traditionally, employers focused on helping employees who were injured at work get back to work early with return-to-work (RTW) programs. Recognizing the value of a healthy work force, the commonalities of recovering from on- and off-the-job injuries, the efficiencies of coordinating RTW efforts and the greater risk exposure to discrimination claims when workers are treated differently depending on the reason for their absence, some employers are moving toward integrating occupational and non-occupational cases to reduce absences and lower claims costs. Whether the program is an integrated occupational/non-occupation RTW or a traditional RTW, the economic and legislative landscape poses challenging issues for employers. Here are 10 common mistakes: 1) Failure to […]