Developing an Effective Training and Development Program, Part 1: Organizational Structure

Many creators of training programs fail to consider the company’s organizational structure and culture and instead employ a one-size-fits-all approach, which can be damaging to both the training program and the overall health and safety program. There may be many structural components of an organization that may be considered, but I want to focus on three: organizational design, decision autonomy and the division of labor. These components are critical as they each provide vital contributions to lifeblood of the organization. Organizational Design Organizational design has to do with the administration of rules, procedures and policies that determine and direct employee behavior and influence company culture. The implementation of organizational design […]

Positive, Engaging Work Environments Benefit Both Workers and Employers

Ninety-three percent of senior-level corporate real estate executives rate the quality of work environments and work experiences as the most urgent issue facing their companies, according to new poll results that prompted an industry association to urge companies to adopt policies that support a “work-life” approach to productivity and employee engagement. According to CoreNet Global, a corporate real estate professional association that conducted an Industry Leaders Opinion Poll, the nature of work is “changing dramatically, transcending the traditional definitions of productivity to include the concepts of enabling work, employee engagement, employee satisfaction and employee wellness framed around an emerging ‘work-life support’ business model.” CoreNet Global’s Issues Advocacy Focus Group coordinated […]