America’s Safest Companies Well Represented in IndustryWeek’s 2012 Manufacturing Hall of Fame

Four of the nine honorees named to IndustryWeek’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame have ties to companies that have been recognized by EHS Today as America’s Safest Companies. Coincidence? Not if you believe many experts, who note the direct correlation of safe production to enhanced productivity rates. Manufacturing Hall of Fame inductees are selected by IndustryWeek editors from reader-nominated candidates. Nominations are based on one or more of the following criteria: Significantly improving manufacturing industry efficiency and productivity through process and/or technology innovations. Establishing widely accepted manufacturing best practices in operational areas such as (but not limited to) management, product development, safety, purchasing, quality and supply chain and logistics. Creating manufacturing […]

This January, Test Your Home for Radon

A winning entry in the 2013 National Radon Poster Contest, sponsored by Kansas State University in partnership with EPA. When Eddie Metcalfe got a CAT scan to check for kidney stones, doctors found something much more troubling: lung cancer. “I hadn’t smoked in 22 years. How could this happen to me?” Metcalfe asked. The answer was invisible and potentially deadly: radon. “I literally left the doctor’s office, got a [radon] test kit, put it in the house, and our result was 39.8. The upper limit is four,” Metcalfe explained in a public service announcement video. “I think everybody should have their house tested.” You can’t see, smell, or […]

Smokers, Recommit to Your Quit Every Monday

A new campaign, Quit & Stay Quit Monday, offers free tools to help smokers make a weekly recommitment to their goal of going cigarette-free in 2013. The campaign’s Quit Line counselors, online forums and Monday motivator messages, which can be sent through email, SMS or social media, provides smokers with the extra boost they need to stay smoke-free. Employers can join in by promoting their smoking cessation programs every Monday and making use of the campaign’s materials. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 70 percent of American smokers would like to kick the habit. Even so, the majority of those who resolve to quit as a […]