No Excuses Allowed: Make Winter Workouts Work for You

It can be tempting to forgo your fitness routine when the weather outside is frightful. But Kara Smith, personal trainer and group fitness coordinator at the Loyola Center for Fitness, stresses that the cold winter months are no time to abandon your workout schedule. “It’s hard to stay motivated in the winter,” Smith acknowledges. “When temperatures plummet, the last thing we want to do is leave the comfort and warmth of our homes. But winter is not a good excuse to give up our fitness routines.” Smith suggests taking advantage of winter outdoor activities, such as ice skating, hockey, skiing or snowshoeing, during the cold weather. You also don’t need […]

Don’t Sweat It: New NIOSH Test Manikin May Help Combat Heat Stress

Researchers at NIOSH’s National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) hope to use the new “sweating thermal manikin” to create less burdensome materials and designs for protective clothing used by workers who face the risk of heat stress from prolonged duty in hot and physically stressful work environments. “We are continually investigating strategies for improving workplace safety and health,” said Dr. Maryann D’Alessandro, Director of NPPTL. “The implementation of the Sweating Thermal Manikin in the NPPTL research portfolio enables us to keep pace with technological advancements.” Protective clothing manufacturers use a standard testing process to measure the amount of heat transferred through fabric. Based on this kind of test, a number […]