8 Tips to Navigate Slippery Winter Conditions Safely

About a million people experience falls every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and approximately 20,000 people die annually due to fall-related injuries. Now that winter weather has arrived in full force and many parts of the country are experiencing snowy and icy conditions, play it safe when stepping outside to avoid painful and dangerous falls. Mike Ross, author of The Balance Manual and exercise physiologist at Gottlieb Center for Fitness, part of Loyola University Health System, explained that some of the unavoidable bodily changes that occur as we age may affect personal safety. As we grow older, our balance deteriorates due to the weakening […]

Firework Safety: Don’t Let Your New Year Start with a Bang

It should go without saying that driving sober or securing a designated driver is a key way to stay safe this New Year’s Eve. But another danger lurks on this holiday, too: fires or injuries caused by careless or unsafe use of fireworks. Setting off some consumer fireworks on New Years is a tradition that can be safe as long as a few commonsense safety rules are followed, according to Ralph Apel, spokesperson for the National Council on Fireworks Safety. He offers the following firework safety tips to follow this New Year’s and beyond: Know your fireworks. Read the warning labels and performance descriptions before igniting. Have a designated shooter […]